US Cellular Getting New Galaxy S III Update

US Cellular is getting ready for an update for Samsung’s Galaxy S II, and while this isn’t the update to Jelly Bean as many were hoping, but it could be a very big deal. Besides some normal device tweaking, fixing old bugs, and also introducing new bugs that you always get with a new release. Aside from that, there has been some evidence that Google’s famed Wallet service will be coming to the handset with this new update. This would make the Galaxy S III as the first carrier to approve this device outside of Sprint to have some official support.

The update is definitely going to be coming fairly soon, as it has already been listed on US Cellular’s Android downloads page. The new baseband will be set as R530UVWXLI4, and will also be available to download through OTA or via Samsung’s Simple Upgrade Tool for Windows. An official changelog is not available as of yet, and the download isn’t actually live from Samsung as of yet, but the information is listed there. With that said, it’s a guarantee that it is coming and you may want to start constantly checking for an OTA update on your Galaxy S III handset.

Finally, it’s time to talk about Google Wallet. Android Police has just leaked an internal document that has showed that Google Wallet will be included in this update, and that it’s actually going live today. That is a really big thing, as it is going to be the first time that a carrier besides Sprint has decided to give Google’s NFC (Near Field Communication) payment process a go (they’ve probably seen it work really well). Some other carriers have been putting a lot of time into the ISIS payment system, and Verizon has even actively attempted to keep many users from keeping an updating Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus, doing everything they can short of blocking the application through Google Play. Of course, what this means for Google Wallet in the future is a huge guess, but this is definitely going to be a move towards wider adoption of the service, and I would say that this is a good thing.

This US Cellular adoption is awesome, I think it just proves that Google is leading the charge in NFC and people are wanting to take advantage of this. Yeah, the new ISIS payment system will be cool, but the only reason that this is around is Google. You have to admit it, Google is trying to motivate creativity in a lot of these tech areas, and it’s working. That’s just my viewpoint on it, Google’s proved this twice now, and so I say, good on you Google.

Do you use US Cellular as your carrier? Has the update for the Galaxy S III showed up on your handset at all? Let us know in the comments below if you happen to see it in your device. Oh, and don’t forget to tell us how well it works!

source: android central

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  1. I received the update OTA, Google Wallet is there..but so is Zappos? I didn’t install that, about to remove it.

  2. I have a notifaction for an update, but i get an “access to update is provided in order it was requested please wait” or something to that effect

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