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Transform your Android Smartphone into an iPhone 5: A New Fake iPhone 5 Launcher for Android

The war of Samsung Vs Apple is not yet over, in fact it is just getting started.  It appears that this is a battle that will draw a thick line between Android (Samsung) and Apple fans, as it appears one has to be on either side.  However, if you have an Android phone, it does not mean you cannot get close to using an iPhone without emptying your pocket to get an iPhone 5.  It is possible now for you to transform your Android smartphone into a fake iPhone 5 thanks to Panmoto, an XDA developer who has come up with a Fake iPhone 5 launcher that transforms your Android phone into an iPhone, superficially that is.

Are you using the default Android launcher and wish to have an iPhone experience?  You can get this launcher for free and feel like you are running iOS 6 every time you unlock your smartphone.  The launcher is called Fake iPhone 5 Launcher and despite the name which gives it a shady-like reputation, it is actually a pretty impressive launcher that does everything any other Android launcher, including the one you have now, does.  If you are interested, you can download it for free at the Play Store.

The launcher comes with a number of ‘unique’ features including:

  • Support for custom wallpaper
  • A very realistic iPhone 5 skin
  • Dazzling icon effects which come pre-installed with the theme
  • 16 default applications that appear on the first page
  • Swipe-to-search feature – when on the homescreen you can swipe to search for whatever you want.

This is the first edition of the Fake iPhone 5 launcher but the developers are open to suggestions from users.  I am certain that the next update will be awesome, but then, even now, the current Fake iPhone 5 launcher is worth a try.  If you decide to give have a feel of it, please come back and leave us a comment on what you think about it.  You can download the launcher on Play Store here.

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