Three Custom Widgets You Need To Have

Widgets are a wonderful thing. They provide quick access to the information you need to know that you can find in applications, except without the hassle and constant browsing. I’ve gotten many questions as to what widgets I suggest for your handset, and figured I would just make a completely new article on them as opposed to answering each question individually. With that aside, sit back, relax, open up Google Play, and get ready to take a look at some of these awesome widgets.

HD Widgets is personally one of my favorites. I’m not going to go in-depth as to what it all does, but to summarize things, it allows you to make some very high definition widgets that your default settings just can not provide you. You’ll be able to make weather widgets, clock widgets, and widgets to turn various functions like Wi-Fi and your Mobile Hotspot on or off. There is a ton of stuff you can do with it, along with a ton of customization options that will allow you to personalize the widget for you. This wasn’t a free widget, I paid $0.25 for during the Google Play sale, as that sale is over, its regular pricing has returned and is sitting at $1.99.

Beautiful Widgets works a lot like HD Widgets, but has a few extra options for customization. I will forewarn you that whenever it gets an update, the developer is terrible at making sure all of the bugs are banged out. Soon after its update, it gets another update to fix those bugs and everything is fine again. Still, Beautiful Widgets is by far, not as good as HD Widgets, but does offer a bit more customization than what HD Widgets offers. You can pick that up for $2.49.

Since the Atrix 2 got an update that removed the Social Networking update, there have been many comments as to whether I had a suggestion for a replaceable Social Networking widget. With that said, you may just want to check this out.

BlingBoard is an all-in-one Social Networking widget for your Text Messaging, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and etc. It is a really nice application, and very well developed with little to no bugs. You can basically stay up to date with everything quickly and with out any effort needed. BlingBoard is free, and you can just head on over to Google Play to grab it, or hit the link I included in the app title.

There are so many different applications that I could suggest, but these are honestly my top 3. All of them reduce the amount of work I have to do when staying up to date on my social networks, along with tracking the weather and even the time. Have a quick access button through HD Widgets to turn on my Mobile Hotspot is also extremely helpful. Yes, some of these widgets aren’t free, but I honestly would suggest that you not pass these up. You won’t find any better quality widgets, at least at the time of this writing you won’t.

If you have a widget suggestion, let us know in the comments below!