The Sims 3 For Android Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $6.99

Downloads: Google Play | iTunes 

The Sims has been a very popular title throughout the years, and it’s even now more popular than ever with it coming to mobile devices. Publisher Electronic Arts has managed to put the game on smartphones and tablets that runs extremely smooth. There are a few minor complaints, but as a Sims fan (mainly due to the character creation) it is a very satisfying game to begin playing on the go. With all of that said, I think that if you are any sort of Sims fan, this game is going to be something you are going to want to pick up.

The graphics in the game aren’t something to boast about, as another iteration of the Sims that EA offers look a lot nicer. The Sims 3 has “okay” graphics, nothing to harp about and nothing to really goo over. In fact, you may not really notice them to be “dumbed” down, as it looks like an older Sims game, which you might be entirely fine with. Still, I was a little disappointed that they did not put the work into the graphics like they did with their other iteration of the Sims. Whatever the case, it still has enjoyable visuals.

Gameplay is as you might expect. Touch controls is what drive this game, but the thing is, the touch controls work entirely different in the Sims than you might be expecting. This isn’t really an action game like Horn or Mass Effect: Infiltrator, so all of those virtual joysticks and attack buttons aren’t in the Sims. In that sense, it is entirely easier to play (most likely due to it being a casual game) than anything else EA has brought to the Android platform so far. I’m really enjoying the casual controls the game offers.

One of the really big parts of the Sims, is the customization it offers. It’s too bad that the Sims 3 for Android devices offers minimal customization (but consumers have been begging for that, so it is a possibility). I think a huge part of the Sims franchise is the fact that you can customize all sorts of things about your character. You invest time into it so later you begin to care about that character more than you normally would after hitting “random,” naming your character, and then firing up the game. More customization is what EA needs to add to make this game near complete and perfect.

Overall, the Sims 3 for the Android platform is a fantastic game. It’s available on both Google Play and iOS, so fans of either platform will get to enjoy this game. It’s going to set you back $7, but is entirely worth it, in my opinion. Though, you may want to wait to get it as the game often goes on sale on Google Play. As for iOS, I’m not entirely sure how sales work over there.

Whatever the case, The Sims 3 is a great game, I highly suggest playing it if you don’t mind the minimal customization. Seriously. Give it a shot.

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