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The New Nexus Smartphone Could be Launched Within the “Next 30 Days”: Rumor


A quick run through the rumor mill will tell you that Google could launch five new Nexus smartphones made by five different OEMs. This is something we’ve known for quite some time now. What we didn’t know was when exactly we’ll get to see them. But we might have an answer to that now, with new reports stating that Google could launch the said smartphone(s) within the next 30 days i.e. October. This comes as great news for people expecting to see the new Nexus in action and with the talk of multiple Nexus smartphones making the rounds, this should make it even better. Many thought that Google was waiting for the launch of the iPhone 5 to unveil the new droid. There’s so much anticipation with the new Nexus that every other device launch in the Android arena is almost insignificant. So hopefully in a few weeks from now, we’ll know what Google will offer.

The smartphone apparently has already been leaked around the internet which means we could see some info about the specs fairly soon. Another interesting bit of information is that the said smartphone is believed to feature Android 4.2 as its default operating system. This, however, will only be a minor upgrade from 4.1.1 so it will still be called Jelly Bean, apparently. That’s not bad news, as we’re certain Google will have something special and exclusive in store with Android 4.2.

Android And Me speculates that the new smartphone could be announced at the All Things D: Dive Into Mobile event where the founder of Android, Andy Rubin will be present. It is important to note that all this is merely a rumor as of now and there’s no way to either confirm or refute the same. But it’s only a matter of time we think, till the next Nexus is announced and the general feeling among Android users suggests that Google has something big in store for us. LG’s Optimus G has been touted to be the backdrop for the new and improved Nexus. The LG offering was recently announced and managed to take the Android sphere by storm with its quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip and a 13/8MP camera sensor (depending on the market).

However, it is important to note that Nexus smartphones were never too flamboyant in terms of hardware specs. The Galaxy Nexus last year was a fine example of that. The Galaxy Nexus was expected to feature specs which would put other droids to shame, but Google and Samsung decided to keep the specs low key with a 5MP shooter on the back and a 1.2 GHz dual core TI OMAP chip powering the smartphone. The HD display and the iconic onscreen buttons were a major hit though and instrumental in the smartphone’s success. Something similar will be expected from the next Nexus. As of now even though all rumors hint at an LG Nexus smartphone, we cannot pin point to a particular manufacturer as it’s still early days.

Note: The image above is merely a visual rendering of what the smartphone could look like and not the actual phone.

Source: Android And Me
Via: Talk Android

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