T-Mobile Holding An Event In New York City On October 29th

It turns out that T-Mobile is doing their own event on October 29th in New York City, which turns out to be the same day that Google is doing their Playground event, where we will most likely be seeing a new Nexus phone, and possibly one or two tablets. Keep in mind that this is a T-Mobile event, as Google’s event starts in the morning. That said, you shouldn’t be disappointed if there is no sort of “T-Mobile Nexus” handset at this upcoming event. Aside from that, any sort of new GSM Nexus should be a pentaband anyway, so sure it’ll be T-Mobile just as much as it will be AT&T, or even GSM for the rest of the world that gets the device. What we should be expecting though, is a lot of Galaxy Note 2 news, along with some other T-Mobile Android phone from earlier this year, including some newer but also less impressive devices.

At the T-Mobile event we should also be seeing some news on a bunch of new Windows Phone hardware, including the HTC 8X, which is supposedly going to be a really good handset. We should also be seeing the Nokia Lumia 810, which was seen a couple weeks ago in San Diego for the CTIA MobileCon event. Microsoft is also finally getting ready to show off Windows Phone 8 on October 29th in San Francisco (there really is a lot of events going on on that day in the mobile space, isn’t there?).

I’m excited to see what gets revealed at all three of these events this month!

source: android central

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