T-Mobile drops 200MB data plan

T Mobile was one of the very few wireless carriers in the United States which offered a budget data plan for its customers. At just $10 per month, the 200 MB data plan was one of the most widely used data plans. But the type of people who used this data plan were mostly lite users of the mobile internet, I mean to say, they were not really power users of the mobile internet. A bit of emails and Facebook and Twitter here and there in a day would be enough for these people. But now, they can no longer enjoy this plan (conditions apply).

This is because T Mobile has dropped the 200 MB data plan. The company no longer provides this option for new customers. And if you read that properly, you would have understood that existing users of the 200 MB data plan can continue to have it working. If you thought so, you are absolutely correct. But why did the company drop the plan, you ask?

Well, that is because the smart phones of today are well connected to the cloud and the world beyond the clouds. Each smart phone user uses the internet on his smart phone to some extent. And if you are a power user like me and millions of other readers here, 200 MB will not even be enough for you for just one single day. So T Mobile dropped the plan saying that “current smartphones consume data at a higher rate” and that requiring a 2GB or higher data plan will help to protect consumers from “unexpected overages.”

Phone Dog says, “Any customer that buys a smartphone at full price or brings their own and pair it with one of T-Mobile’s Value plans can still sign up for the 200MB rate plan. Now that T-Mobile has dropped its 200MB plan, new customers can choose to sign up for 2GB of data, T-Mo’s new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, 5GB or 10GB plans, with the latter two also including mobile hotspot.”

Well, that is good news enough. What do you think?

Source: Phonedog