Surface Orders Delayed In The United Kingdom, $80 Coupon Handed Out As An “Apology”


The launch of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet has gone very well in New York, but orders that are headed to Britain haven’t been going very well as they originally expected. Microsoft has been unable to ship the Surface units to customers in the United Kingdom on time (or their estimated time). Several readers over at The Verge has also mentioned that the deliveries have not arrived when expected either. Microsoft has previously wanred their customers that the Surface would (disappointingly) be delayed until November 2nd in the United Kingdom, but the company later turned around and claimed that that was actually a mistake. It turns out that Surface units are being shipped today, but they unfortunately will not be delivered until early next week. It isn’t an entirely long wait, but if you are anticipating your Surface tablet, it is most definitely frustrating.

That said, Microsoft has decided that they would provide a gift to those customers who pre-ordered the Surface. The company is providing a £50 ($80 USD) coupon that can be spent in their online store. As you can imagine, this coupon is pretty incredible as users will now be able to get Windows 8 on their PC entirely for free. Which, if my calculations are correct, there still should be some money leftover on your coupon even after purchasing Windows 8. Of course, who knows if it is just a one time use coupon.

This isn’t really a “refund” as many users would have preferred, but it does help — as the Verge reports — cushions the blow for those who are disappointed in the delay for their Surface tablets. You should keep in mind that this is exclusive to the United Kingdom as the United States Surface tablets were not delayed at all. You can read over the Surface delay coupon e-mail below.

There are definitely a few jealous United States customers of this coupon, but props to Microsoft for offering out this coupon for the misunderstanding. I don’t really know of any other company that would do such a thing without trying to get rid of all the bad PR. Microsoft definitely has not been receiving bad PR for this (aside from the small minority of customers), but it is still nice to see that they were willing to give out this coupon and basically give Windows 8 away for free with it (although, considering $80 USD equals out to 50 pounds, you may have to pay shipping if you’re looking for a physical copy of the OS).

What do you think of Microsoft offering such a coupon? Those who ordered the Surface in the United Kingdom are surely happy that they can get Windows 8 for their PC basically for free now. Whatever the case, the Surface tablet will be arriving to customers in the United Kingdom next week. Until then, if you want to spend your coupon on a upgrade to Windows 8, head on over to this link. Maybe it’ll keep you satisfied until the Surface comes in the mail next week?

source: The Verge

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