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Summer comScore Market Share Numbers Released

Despite a lot of major Android manufactures losing a lot of users, Android is continuing to grow as a platform. comScore has just recently released their May through August market share numbers, and it is showing of Android’s overall gain. The most recent data has highlighted the percentage of Android smartphone users jumped from 50.9% in may to 52.6% in August. While that may not sound like a huge jump, it is safe to say that Android continues to hold its place as the most popular mobile platform in the market. Among the various Android manufacturers, Samsung is sitting at a steady 25.7%, while LG is down to 18.2% from originally being at 19.1%, Motorola Mobility is also down to 11.2%, which is a 0.8% change since May. With that said, it is seeming that the only manufacturer that is reporting any type of real gain is Apple, which not only boosted their hardware from 15% to 17.1%, but their software goes up by a whopping 2.4% from 31.9% to 34.3%.

While it does appear that the Android platform is continuing to grow at a very steady pace, Apple is crossing the one-third share mark, and that may indicate that the Android platform isn’t as safe as we thought it had been. There is one bright light shining through these confusing reports though, and that is actually the Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, who happens to be extremely popular in the United States. HTC has been able to boost themselves a subtle .2% to 6.3% total share. One major thing that you really should be keeping in mind about these numbers is that they don’t account for September’s iPhone 5 release, so Apple’s current share may even be higher than what their current status is.

If you are wanting to look at the numbers closer and in more detail, you can hit the source link below. These number really curious me though. One of the hidden gems that we really haven’t heard a whole lot about is the upcoming Nexus phones that have been rumored to be announced for Android’s birthday. There are a lot of people looking forward to those devices, especially after the rocky Jelly Bean updates. So, after the Nexus phones hit stores, it will be interesting to see how these statistics look after that. Honestly, these statistics are always going to be constantly changing, so there will never be a time where we can say, “x is better than x in market share,” because in the next two weeks, it’s going to be entirely different.

I can just say that I’m still happy that Android is sitting at the number one platform. While Apple is coming up close to it, Android still sits at one and is bound to increase after we see the new Nexus phones introduced. Any thoughts on all of this?

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