Steam Beta For Linux Possibly Launching At UDS On Monday

If you are like me, you probably really enjoy the digital distribution client known as Steam. That said, those that are running Linux may want to keep their eyes out on Monday at the Ubuntu Developer Summit. It is rumored that Valve may just be starting their Steam beta up.

Valve is going to appear at the event for a talk at the summit on Monday, but an interesting listing has appeared on the “Open Steam Works” website entitled “Steam Linux UDS Beta.” Valve earlier announced that they would be starting up their limited 1000 user Steam beta in October, so this is something that could highly be in the realm of possibility. Really, there is no other logical explanation for the listing aside from that. One thing I do wonder, is if any Linux users at the UDS on Monday will get a sort of guaranteed access to the beta (definitely just throwing out a guess there, but it is something that happens often at events like this, so I would not be surprised if Valve were to give out guaranteed spots in the beta at the Summit).

Whatever the case, three games also appear to be listed with the mention of the UDS beta. Those games consist of Serious Sam 3, the original Portal and even the much loved Team Fortress 2. Valve announced the Linux beta earlier this month saying that the 1000 users would get to pick one game. That said, this seems like it actually might be an entirely different client from the one announced just because it lists three titles as opposed to the one game Valve was going to give you originally (or maybe they just decided that they would be handing out three different games).

It is still unknown as to whether or not this is going to be exclusive to UDS attendants or not. Of course, what better is a place to launch one of the biggest software clients in the digital distribution industry to Linux than at one of the largest events for Linux developers? I am personally excited to see what Valve is going to be unveiled at the UDS on Monday. Seeing that they have been very avidly against Windows 8 (and rightly so) I really wouldn’t mind seeing what they can do with Linux. Considering it is a pretty open platform as well, it might even have the potential to be better than the Windows client at this point.

I guess we are just going to have to wait and see how everything plays out at the event. There isn’t a whole lot to go on besides the simple listing, but as far as I can tell, we are definitely going to be seeing Steam in beta for Linux users extremely soon. And who knows, maybe we will also be seeing a full blown launch in the next couple of months as well? That might be something to look forward to!

Are you going to be at the UDS to try out the possibly Linux Beta for Steam?

source: omg ubuntu

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