Sprint Galaxy S III Said To Get Jelly Bean Today And TELUS Releases Estimated Window For Jelly Bean Updates

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates have been happening all throughout the world, and Samsung keeps reminding owners of the Galaxy S III that their update is still on the way but has — once again — neglected to say when that update is exactly. Pair that information with the estimated window TELUS has posted for the Canadian Jelly Bean schedule, it really isn’t a far stretch to think that the United States models would arrive around the same time or even sooner for some of the carriers. Waiting on updates from Samsung has been quite interesting, unless all of the carriers have gotten in cahoots and have decided to pull another Verizon. Here’s what TELUS originally posted on their website:

  • Samsung Galaxy S II x  – 4.1 – OEM not yet submitted – Late December
  • Samsung Galaxy Note – 4.1 – OEM not yet submitted – Late December
  • Samsung Galaxy S III – 4.1- OEM not yet submitted – Late November

Keep in mind that these are just estimates, but it is nice to see that these updates are possibly not that far out from now. TELUS is a company that is very good with letting their customers know when updates are on the way, and thankfully when Canada gets their updates, usually the United States isn’t too far off from that. All in all, I hope that TELUS’ estimated dates here are at least somewhat accurate or even not accurate at all and gets the update(s) earlier! Whatever the case, we really don’t have that long to wait if this estimated window proves to be somewhat true.

In other news, Spring Galaxy S III owners should be on the look out today for a Jelly Bean update. A user over on Android Central hit the forums to let everyone know about a Jelly Bean update that was supposed to release today. So far we haven’t heard any news about handsets getting updated, but the day has just started so who knows what could happen. Still, if Jelly Bean update were to happen today for Sprint devices, that should give off the hint that the update for other carriers isn’t to far out like TELUS has also suggested. In the Sprint update to Jelly Bean, it is also looking like users of the Galaxy S III will be getting a few different 4G LTE related improvements as well. All of that said, you should be on the look out for this update, and if you have got it already, let us know!

Is anyone looking forward to the Jelly Bean updates, specifically for the Galaxy S III? Rumors have said earlier that the Galaxy S II might be experiencing a lesser version of Jelly Bean due to some sort of issue, but that has yet to be confirmed by Samsung and was something that was going around when the announcement for the Galaxy S II to get Jelly Bean first surfaced. Rumors are also saying that the Galaxy S III will get the windowed mode feature in the update to Android 4.1 as well. That’s definitely something to look forward to.

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