Sony Xperia Go Launching In Canada This November

It has been questioned when the Sony Xperia Go would be making its way to Canada. Thankfully, Sony has made an announcement saying that the mid-range waterproof smartphone would be making its way to the Rogers-owned Fido carrier this November. Sony was also kind enough to announce a exclusive yellow colored model if you were to pick one up unlocked from an official Sony store, while Fido will have the standard black and white models available for purchase. Yellow is definitely an interesting color for the style that the Xperia lineup has taken, but will definitely brighten up your day nevertheless.

The Sony Xperia Go smartphone was originally announced that it would be running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich rolled out to the smartphone just a few weeks ago. Although it is questionable as to whether the handset will be getting the upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the real selling point here for the Xperia Go is the ruggedness that it boasts of. You should know that the Sony Xperia Go is quite durable as well. It has taken quite a bit of punishment thus far after being thrown in a pool, ran over by a car, buried in sand with a mix of water and etc. To check out who durable this guy actually is, make sure to watch the embedded video below! Keep in mind that this video isn’t in English, it solely demonstrates how durable this guy is.

If the price tag on this device be kept relatively low, there could be a lot of potential for those who are looking to get one of the Xperia Go devices. Sadly, Sony has stayed on the down low as to how much this guy is going to cost from Fido or even how much an unlocked version of the handset would cost. The Sony Xperia Go launched in the United Kingdom this past summer and was sold for a mere 200 pounds. Hopefully we can expect a price close to that to pop up in Canada. Whatever the case, I think for the durability that the Sony Xperia Go offers, a lot of us would be willing to shell out a bit more on it as it is not easily breakable, which you probably saw in the video.

We’ve seen some pretty hefty phones as of late, but so far, I think the Sony Xperia Go beats ’em all in terms of durability. How can a smartphone really survive after being ran over by a car? Yeah. This phone is definitely something that you may just want to look further into.

Are any of you interested in picking up a Sony Xperia Go smartphone? It’s definitely no Xperia T or Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but it  may just be a rather good phone to fit your needs. Hopefully we’ll be seeing an official launch date along with details on pricing for the smartphone in the very near future before consumers settle on a different handset.

source: Android Central