Sony Nexus X was a hoax

We have been seeing a lot or rumors about a Sony branded Nexus device for more than a couple of weeks now. And I am pretty sure that Sony smart phone fans have been very happy and waiting for the release of the smart phone to the market in the coming week. But what if I say that is not going to happen, any time soon at least. The Sony Nexus X smart phone that we saw on many blogs was just a hoax, which took just seven hours to prepare.

You may think that the mock up was just a Photoshop rendering, but that is also not completely true. The fake smart phone was modelled using 3D modelling software, which is kind of the way implemented in industries to design new products. Talk Android writes:

Apparently, the actual process of creating the fraudulent images wasn’t as simple as photoshopping a couple of photos. Instead, the Nexus X was conceived using incredibly powerful 3D modeling tools which allowed the individual behind the hoax to stitch together pieces of previous Sony and Nexus handset designs to create the ultimate smartphone.

The base of the phony phone (see what I did there) was fabricated using the industrial design of both the Galaxy Nexus and Xperia T. The two were combined using a 3D construction model and the end result was then placed onto a virtual background. The reflection of a Galaxy Nexus was then added to portray a self-taken image.

But why was this image created and leaked on the internet? Well, reportedly, the created wanted to know what would be the customer reaction to the smart phone. And this would help the company, Sony, in deciding if it ever wants to come out with a Nexus branded smart phone. But it is surprising that it took just seven hours to come up with this awesome image.

Source: Talk Android