SongPop For Android Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $1.99

Downloads: Google Play | iTunes

SongPop is extremely similar to Draw Something, in the sense of “guessing.” In SongPop, you create your account and/or connect it up to Facebook, and then start playing with your opponents by challenging them to various music matches. What you do is select a time frame or genre, and then random artists from that year or genre will play, and then you will have to guess what it is. It’s extremely fun, and even the free version is entirely enough, there really is no need to purchase the full version, except for a sort of “tip” to the developers.

So, I played this for a while, and I actually found it to be quite annoying. There are some genre’s of music that just make my head spin with one of those being metal. So, if your opponent chooses something you just absolutely hate, you may find yourself annoyed for some reason. Some genre’s for me, is like someone scraping their nails across a chalkboard. On the other hand, SongPop can also offer a lot of cool genre’s, so it really does balance itself out, and it’s also very easy to just forfeit a match that you extremely hate. It’s definitely an interesting game.

I think one of the best parts of SongPop is the ability to play with your friends. Like Draw Something, there really is nothing better than drawing pictures for your friends to guess at, especially when you are in the same room with them. SongPop isn’t really something that I would say is something to play with friends/family in the same room. It really does not have the same gamepaly style that Draw Something does, which you probably guessed. I actually find that SongPop isn’t really something that you would play constantly. It is still a good game though.

One thing that I was really thankful for in SongPop, is that it had a good UI, which highly resembled Draw Something’s UI. A good UI in these types of games is something that is needed due to the fact that when there are a lot of options, a clean and easily accessible UI helps keeps things organized and such. That said, I really enjoyed being able to find my way around the game without having to put in much effort. That may make me sound like I’m lazy, but really, these types of games need to have an easily accessible UI. Thankfully this game has just that.

Developer FreshPlanet did a great job with this application, although I do think it could use a few improvements when it comes to music selections, it is an overall good application, and I am very happy to be able to play something like this. I’ll definitely say that this is not as fun as Draw Something though, and that might be a bit biased, as I like to do a lot of sketching, so it’s only obvious that Draw Something would be right up my alley. Whatever the case, SongPop is still a good game, and I would recommend giving it a try.

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