SOE Announces Planetside 2 Launch Date And Two All-New Continents

If you didn’t know, Planetside 2 is shaping up to be one of the biggest releases in terms of MMO’s of 2012. Not only one of the biggest releases, but one of the best too. The game is outstanding, and I can only say this because I got the chance to play the beta! The graphics are actually something worth talking about, the gameplay is smooth and fluid, and everything is extremely well balanced. Of course, there might be some new balancing issues to fix now that two all-new continents have been added to the game. Yes, they’ve added two new continents on top of the four or five they already have in the game. And boy, do these continents look gorgeous.

The SOE Live Fan Event just recently took place where the company so kindly gave us a release date for Planetside 2. Now, you have to keep in mind that release dates for MMOs should usually just be taken lightly, and looked at more as a “time frame” than an actual solid release date. The reason for this is, is because that MMOs generally take a lot longer to create than your average every day RPG or FPS. This is because balancing issues and just general game content needs to be downright perfect. With that said, they plan on aiming for a release date next month on November 20th. It is also important to note that you won’t be able to purchase the game in a physical format, as it is going to be digital download and also free-to-play with the option to pay $15 per month. Paying $15 per month will get you a few cool perks and prioritize you on the servers.

On top of this, Realm of Gamer’s has reported that the developer has also announced two new continents  One of these continents will be a swampy wasteland while the other will be a snow-driven battlefield. These are drastically different than what we currently have in the game, and from the sounds of it, it looks like I might just be spending most of my time in the snow-driven battlefield. Sounds pretty challenging, and might even be fun sniping people in the middle of a snow storm. From the videos that Realm of Gamer’s put up on their website of these new continents, you can really tell that the level designers behind these maps did a really fantastic job, and frankly, should be given a raise!

All of that said, you can head on over to their website via the source link to read all about it. Planetside 2 will be launching with a bang on November 20th, 2012. Hopefully SOE won’t find the need to push the release date back or anything, it’ll be something really enjoyable to play over this upcoming Holiday season.

On another note, you can still purchase the Founder’s Package for $40. This will give you a good 4000 station cash upon launch of the game to purchase items in Planetside 2’s in-game store, a title and an exp boost. Just head over to Planetside 2’s website for the full rundown.

source: realm of gamer’s


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