Sharp starts mass producing 5 inch 1080p displays

Smart phone manufacturers are now starting to realize the true power of having a larger and clearer display on their smart phones. Thanks to the South Korean Android smart phone giant, Samsung, for introducing the first generating of Galaxy Note about a year ago in 2011, the form factor has become a new market. I, personally as an owner of the Galaxy Note, love the big 5.3 inch display on the smart phone. Couple with a stylus such as the S Pen, you can take your productivity to a whole new level, when compared to other smaller screen smart phones.

Now, many manufacturers are starting to bring out smart phones into the market with at least a 5 inch display, if not the massive 5.3 inches of the Galaxy Note or the enormous 5.5 inches of the Galaxy Note II. LG also has its own 5 incher in the market, which for some reasons, is not doing so well.

Having a big screen on your smart phone not only improves your productivity, but it will also make your entertainment on the go richer. You can watch videos on a bigger screen and enjoy viewing photos also. When there is obviously a scope for big screen on smart phones, it would not be too surprising if manufacturers decided to mass manufacture such displays.

And that is just what Sharp is about to do. The company has decided to mass manufacture 5 inch displays with 1080p resolution, that is a complete 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. This will bring the pixels per inch count to 443, the highest that the smart phones of today sport is just 340 ppi. So you can imagine the improvement.

Oppo, a Chinese manufacturer, was the first company to announce that it will bring in 1080p smart phones. There are rumors that HTC is also working on a 5 inch device, rumors suggest it could be the HTC One X 5. LG, on the other hand, is building its own 5 inch displays high-performance in-plane switching (AH-IPS).

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