Sharp shows off 6.1 inch IGZO display with 498 ppi

Just yesterday, we saw a really cool 5 inch display from Sharp which has an awesome pixel per inch count of 443 ppi. Now, this count looks very low after you have a look at the next display that it has put up on show at the CEATEC 2012 event. The next display that the company is showing off is a 6.1 inch display with a pixel per inch count of 498 ppi. Yes, that is a very high count, far more than any other display on a mobile device we have seen till date.

This 6.1 inch IGZO display has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, which is easily the resolution of a 30 inch desktop monitor. So this display is basically a 30 inch desktop monitor shrunk into a 6.1 inch mobile display. Now the question is, will any manufacturer be interested to use this awesome display in any of its mobile devices?

A 6.1 inch display would be interesting only on a tablet, a smart phone would become just too big. But for a tablet, 6.1 inch display is very small. So even though the display is awesome with great pixel density, the size of the display is going to be an issue.

Not just that, such display would also cost more, really high. So the device featuring this IGZO display would be priced way higher than its competition, thereby reducing its demand. One more factor to consider is the power consumption. A display with that pixel per inch count will consume a lot of juice, and mobile devices will have to increase the battery capacity to keep the device alive for at least a day.

But if all these issues are taken care of, a device with this display would be really awesome for media consumption, may it be web browsing, or viewing images, or watching videos/movies.

Source: Ubergizmo