Samsung Working on a 7.7 GT-N510 inch Galaxy (Note) Tablet

The Samsung line of Galaxy gadgets including smartphones, tablets and even a camera has got to be the most impressive of any company today.  There are so many smartphones on the Galaxy line that you wouldn’t fail to find one that perfectly suits your needs and there are tablets of all sizes – from 5 inch phablet Samsung Galaxy Note and Note 2 to 10.1 inch Galaxy tablet.  The latest development from Sammy’s kitchen is that there is a new 7.7 inch tablet in development, for now it is still a rumor but it is a rumor with some leaked test documents to back it up.  Samsung wants to cover all the market segments it appears and is bringing the 7.7 inch note tablet to the market for those who feel that the 7 inch Tab 2 is too small for them and the 8.9 tablet is a little too big for them.

There are bits of information regarding this tablet here and there, but the latest, DLNA test certifications of the mysterious device model number GT-N5100 is proof enough considering that all the note devices had a similar model number.  There have been all kinds of rumors regarding the specifications of this tablet including one that claimed that it will run on a quad-core Exynos processor that the Note II runs on and others that claim that it is likely to have a Tegra 3.  What is most intriguing though is the screen size which drifts away from the more mainstream 7.0 inches to 7.7, probably to appear an advantage for those who want a mini-tablet.

There are no hardware details mention on the leaked documents except that it is a ‘WiFi and other’ device and categorized under Mobile Digital Player, Mobile Digital Media Server and Mobile Digital Media Controller’.  Moreover, there are no FCC records of the GT-5100 device at all, indicating that the device is probably still at the earliest stages of development or is not intended for the US market for starters.

If Samsung actually launches the 7.7 inch tablet, it will be in direct competition with its arch-enemy’s Apple iPad mini and Google’s Nexus 7 in a market segment that appears to be getting hotter and more competitive by the day. In light with this development, there is bound to be a price war in the tablet and mini-tablet arena as companies go neck-to-neck for dominance and sales.  Other major players in this field are Amazon, which is surprisingly performing so well with its cheap Kindle tablet, HTC with the HTC Flyer and a host of other manufacturers.  I guess such a war can only benefit the consumer in the end.

7 inch tablets have recorded the most sales compared to 7, 8 and 10 inch tablets because they have more applications than the larger tablets, are easier and lighter to carry and can fit most pockets.  Apple’s poor attempt to enter into the fray with their iPad mini may work to the benefit of Samsung and Google, Samsung’s timing may be perfect to enter the mini tablet market.