Samsung to continue supplying LCD panels to Apple

The patent war between Apple and Samsung seems to never end. Even though Apple gets display units for its iPhones from Samsung, it did not hesitate to sue the South Korean tech giant for what seems like an infringement of patents. And Samsung did fight back, but its efforts seem to have been going down the drain without any sizable results. In the midst of this, there was a rumor that Samsung stopped supplying Apple the display units that we find on almost all of the iPhones in the market. Apple now gets a few of those displays from other display manufacturers such as Sharp and LG.

But today, the South Korean Android smart phone giant has replied to this report that it has not stopped the supply and is still supplying the displays to the Cupertino tech giant. The report was first published in The Korea Times. A spokesperson from Samsung has stated that “Samsung Display has never tried to cut the supply for LCD panels to Apple.”

The report that The Korea Times refers to have said that the South Korean company was unable to supply the display units as Apple had tightened the quality control requirements on the displays, and also because the discount that Samsung gives Apple on these display units were too much for Samsung to bear. Electronista writes:

“The source claimed that the company is no longer able to supply screens to Apple at a steep discount, as Apple’s strict quality control requirements such as those plaguing the iPhone 5 construction lower the financial attractiveness to Samsung of providing the iPhone maker with displays.”

In the third quarter, Samsung has reportedly shipped only three million display units to the iPhone maker. And for this quarter, the South Korean company is expected to ship less than one and half million of these display units. Also, reports say that the displays on the upcoming iPad Mini are not manufactured by Samsung.

But as already stated, the Cupertino tech giant has already started to buy displays from Sharp and LG. And there is also the news that the company might cut off Samsung as the manufacturer for its chips and look for some other worthy manufacturer.

Source: Electronista

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