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Samsung To Continue Supplying Apple With LCP Panels

Asian Tech giant Samsung insisted their partnership with Apple as the main supplier of LCD Panels for the American firm remains active, downplaying earlier reports that the business relationship between the two main players in tech industry is deteriorating.

In a statement released by Samsung, the South Korea’s largest company claimed they are still going to supply LCD Panels to Apple and added the earlier report posted in a Korean publication is erroneous.

In a report by the Korean Times, an unnamed company insider disclosed that Samsung was planning to end their contract with Apple because the American company has slowed down in its capability to generate money due to its tighter supply-chain management structure.

Samsung immediately downplayed the report, telling CNET reporters that the news posted by the Korea Times was 100 percent incorrect.

“Samsung Display has never tried to cut the supply for LCD panels to Apple,” disclosed by the spokesman, who even asked to revise the story posted by the Korea Times.

“We’ve reached out to Apple and will update this report when it responds,” he added.

Apple and Samsung are in the midst of a heated technology war for smartphone and tablet market superiority as the two tech giants trade legal suits and accused each other of patent and designs infringement.

With the tension continues to get serious between these two rivaling firms, Apple has reportedly taken a step to reduce its reliance on Samsung as their main LCD panels supplier.

According to reports, the iPhone maker is looking to hook up with another tech firm, such as Sharp and LG, to supply them with the panels. Moreover, Apple is now planning to find a new microchip maker other than the Korean tech firm.

Via: Cnet

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