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Samsung Star Delux Duos S5292 to be released in December

Samsung is busy releasing smart phones throughout the year, may it be feature phones running some Java based operating system, or entry level Android smart phones, or high end Android based or Windows Phone 8 based smart phones. And today, we have the news about the Samsung Star Delux Duos S5292, which is supposed to be a feature phone, but the rumors released till now suggest that it could be an Android powered smart phone, an entry level smart phone of course. But that title belongs to the Samsung Galaxy Pocket. So it is see whether the Samsung Star Delux Duos S5292 will turn out to be a cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

The Samsung Star Delux Duos S5292 was already released in some online stores, and listed as available for pre order. There have also been leaked images of the phone with Android running on the phone, which is the major cause for all the confusion. But the leaked or rumored specs of the device indicate that it could actually be an entry level Android smart phone, because the phone is powerful enough, except for the processor, which I think will be changed when the phone will be actually released to the market.

According to the rumors that have been on the internet till now, the Samsung Star Delux Duos S5292 will support dual SIM cards, a decent 3.5 inch HVGA touch screen display, and a 3.2 mega pixel camera at the back of the device.

On the connectivity front, the Samsung Star Delux Duos S5292 is well equipped. The Samsung Star Delux Duos S5292 has a Wi Fi radio and a Bluetooth 3.0 module. The Samsung Star Delux Duos S5292 is a bit low on memory, it has just 512 MB of storage capacity. But if you want more, which you obviously do, you will have to expand the memory with an external SD card. All this is powered by a 1,000 mAh battery.

But the processor is only a 312 MHz processor, which I don’t think is good enough for Android. But the hope is that the phone will come to the market with a more powerful processor.

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