Samsung Pushes Flexible AMOLED Display Back To 2013

Samsung Electronics, the Korean tech giant, is apparently in no hurry to start rolling out their first commercial release of the highly anticipated AMOLED displays. You can thank how well the traditional AMOLED displays are doing right now for that. It isn’t a bad thing that traditional AMOLEDs are doing so darn well, but a lot of us are really wanting to get our hands on the flexible display that Samsung plans on offering. Reports from Korean based website ETNews have indicated that Samsung has just placed their flexible AMOLED display screens on the shelf until next year.

Instead of focusing on their flexible AMOLED displays, Samsung is looking to focus on their flat screen display production. The company is seeking to increase their overall AMOLED production from the regular 56,000 units per month to a whopping 64,000 units per month. The company is looking to take this path so that they can meet with the current demand for smartphones like their flagship Galaxy S III and the behemoth Galaxy Note II. It is understandable that the company would want to increase something that is doing so very well. After all, that is usually the standard for most businesses when one is trying to sell a product.

To meet this increase production number, some of the pilot lines that were originally manufacturing the flexible AMOLED displays have been changed and converted to glass AMOLED lines, which has slowed down the flexible AMOLED production progress. Waiting until 2013, on the basis that it does not get pushed back again, isn’t going to be entirely bad. It gives them more time to make sure everything is good to go without all of the silly and unnecessary bugs.

Reports from earlier this year had originally indicated that Samsung Electronics decided to delay their production on the flexible AMOLED displays due to issues with the yield and other issues with production schedule problems. At that time it was thought that if the flexible AMOLED display issues had been fixed by the end of the year, consumers would be able to get their hands on some of the devices boasting of that display by the middle of 2013. It remains to be seen whether this 2013 marker will be affected by Samsung’s new delay on the screens.

Samsung’s bendable displays were originally seen in December of 2011 where the company had released a video displaying the concept of this technology in action. People were definitely amazed at this, and since then were looking forward to seeing how well this would actually sell. Unlike the traditional glass AMOLED screens, these flexible displays are plastic-based, which requires an entirely different method of production, but makes them nearly indestructible, which is something that I would definitely look forward to. Though, I’m not sure how the change from traditional glass to plastic would make the average consumer feel.

Are you looking forward to the first release of a phone boasting of Samsung’s new flexible AMOLED displays, or are you on the fence about it? Let us know in the comments below!

source: tech radar