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Samsung GT-i9260 Surfaces Again In GLBenchmark

Earlier this month, someone had leaked an image of a brand new Samsung smartphone touting the model number GT-i9260. Many were guessing that this device could possibly be a all new Google Nexus device going by the name of the Galaxy Nexus Premier. On the other hand, the leaked image revealed Samsung’s TouchWiz interface running on the handset, along with various indications that have led many to believe that it would be including a microSD slot, a feature that tends to not be favored by Google for their Nexus devices. Now, if this was a Nexus with a microSD card slot, I think I would overly excited!

All of that said, the GT-i9260 has surfaced once again, this time on GLBenchmark, where the device has been going through testing paces. The entry for this handset lists the GPU as a PowerVR SGX544. The scores are suggesting that this is a TI OMAP 4470 chip based processor as well, and according to some other reports, the device will be pairing that GPU with a sweet ARM Cortex A9 processor running at a whopping 1.5GHz and pushing the device at a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution on the 4.65 inch screen. GL Benchmark also has unveiled that this new device is loaded with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, and it also appears that the handset will have the word Superior in the device name. Superior Nexus possibly? Or maybe the Superior Galaxy? A new Galaxy or Nexus device would be awesome to see come out of this either way. Obviously a new Nexus device with the TouchWiz interface is highly unlikely, and a new Galaxy device is a possibility but unlikely with other Galaxy devices already in the works and on their way to release (Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S IIII and etc).

I’m quite curious though. This is no entry level handset with it having a ARM Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1.5GHz. That’s actually pretty massive, which leads me to believe that we might be seeing a new Galaxy device, as that lineup is actually pretty hefty in terms of specifications and such. There are also chances that Samsung could just release it as a standalone, as opposed to being in any of their series of devices, but the 1.5GHz processor does make me wonder what this beast is actually going to be.

Upon further research it also has quite a beastly GPU as well, which again, only makes me more curious as to what this device is. It’s definitely a powerhouse, and it’s definitely going to cost quite a bit of money, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Samsung has to say about this upcoming device later on (hopefully very soon!).

If this were a new Galaxy device, does this sound like something of interest to you so far, or do you need to wait until full specifications have been revealed? Do you have any suspicions as to what this device is or even could be?

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