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Samsung Getting Ready To Invite The iPhone 5 Into The Apple vs Samsung Deathmatch

Oh boy, here we go again. I was waiting for when this would happen. Samsung is now living up to their statement earlier this month and is stepping into the deathmatch against Apple. After Apple had a massive victory over Samsung, the Korean tech giant vowed their revenge on Apple along with their most recent release, the iPhone 5. With that said, Samsung Electronics has told the courts to allow the iPhone 5 in their countersuit. In this most recent filing Samsung alleges Apple infringed on the same patents as their other handsets that includes the standards-essential 3G patents and some other specific feature patents. I think Apple could seriously be in for it here.

The countersuit is still developing, so at this point it is uncertain of whether or not the courts will allow Samsung to include the iPhone 5 in the list of devices that have been flagged. If it is not in the countersuit, I think we can all guarantee that Sammy will be starting up a completely new lawsuit against Apple over the iPhone 5. Then again, many believe that Samsung will be allowed to include the iPhone 5 amongst the many infringing devices, we should see it in there when both parties convene again this November. Ah, lawsuits. I’ve come to hate keeping up with the Apple vs Samsung one specifically. Honestly, if this lawsuit is going to continue to take place, I really think that they need a different Judge. While Koh did great with the lawsuit so far, you can really tell her patience is running low and really just wants to get this over with.

Whatever the case, when it comes down to it, it seems like Apple is trying to ban many of Samsung’s handsets for infringement, while on the flip side, Samsung is looked to try and ban multiple Apple devices on the basis of 3G and LTE standards. Man, is this all starting to get heated or what? We originally thought that the lawsuit might come to an end after the verdict, and we’d just see a couple of appeals, but it turns out that small battle is getting ready to turn into a outright war. When the two parties convene this coming November, I’m sure we can expect to see another epic saga.

Does anyone just want this deatchmatch to finally conclude, or should it go on in the name of Samsung? It really is crazy as to how long this is lasting, and at the same time was almost expected. While we all hoped for the verdict to turn out differently, Samsung is going to try and get their way in the court with this countersuit that actually might prove to be legitimate. Of course, adding the iPhone 5 to the list of infringing devices isn’t going to do much since within the first week of its release, everyone and their Mother went to go purchase one.

Any thoughts on this crazed lawsuit? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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