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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction To Be Reviewed By Judge Koh

It is looking like Judge Lucy Koh isn’t finished with the Apple vs Samsung world war. If you remember a while back, Samsung had announced and confirmed their intentions to appeal some of their more notable items such as the injunction of their tablets. Now, it appears as if Samsung has gotten their wish thanks to the United States courts. The U.S. Court Of Appeals for the Federal Circuit just recently passed Samsung’s request to have the injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 remanded in order for the trail court to (hopefully) re-consider Samsung’s request to get rid of this specific injunction. Of course, this does not mean a whole lot, at least not yet. The only thing that this will really do, is give Samsung Electronics more time to put together an effective argument highlighting why the injunction should be removed since the jury did not find any sort of tablet design patent infringement. On the other hand, considering that a decision and choice was already made, Samsung may have a hard to removing this injunction. Still, it will be fantastic to see if the Galaxy Note 10.1’s injunction will get lifted. This will surely help Samsung keep their hold in the market, I think.

To sum all of this up, the Appeals Court is forcing Judge Joh to sit down with Samsung for, once again, another day. There is a very major chance that Judge Koh will not be lifting this injunction. They already came to a supposedly conscious decision, so I wouldn’t be holding my breath for anything positive to come out of this. Still, anything can happen, and if Samsung has something they can present to Judge Koh that is literally game changing, the injunction could be lifted. Still, Samsung brought a lot of good arguments to the table in the Apple vs Samsung case, so we may not see anything that will change the decision.

It is all unfortunate really. Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one of the best tablets out there, I would argue. I think that if it got the injunction lifted, it would be something that would be a hot seller, once again. Is anyone looking forward to seeing the appeal take place? Do you have any predictions on why might happen during the appeal? Let us know in the comments below!

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