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Samsung Galaxy S4 Features and Specs Speculation

The first time a ‘leak’ about Samsung Galaxy S4 popped up with picture renders on the internet, it seemed too good to be true and Samsung was quick to deny that the company was alreadydeveloping the next high end device.  This made sense because the S3 was still soaring in sells and it was doing so well that any thought of developing any phone better than that could have most likely harmed its performance because enthusiasts would have probably held back to wait for the new phone.  Since then, we have heard rumors about the S4 but nothing so credible yet.  Today though, thanks to the folks at Android Authority, we can speculate on the specs and features of Samsung’s next flagship device which is almost certain to be the S4.

The new Galaxy S4 expected to launch sometime in 2013 will most definitely sport a new processor.  DDaily says that the phone will come with the new smaller 28nm ARM Cortex-A15 processor dubbed Adonis whose mass production has been rumored to begin sometime in the last quarter of 2012.  A couple of weeks ago, there were reports of Cortex-A15 processor tests which are presumed to have for the Galaxy S4 phone.

This new Adonis processor is said to be much better than the current Exynos as it offers better performance but with low power consumption and is more compact in size.  If it has a high GPU performance, then this is the real futuristic processor that should make the Galaxy S4 a smartphone in its own league.  Somewhere though, there are some enthusiasts that say that the S4 may come sporting a quad-core Exynos 5450 processor with a clockspeed of 2 GHz.  We haven’t seen this processor in any device and I would suppose that it will be easier for Samsung to improve the current Exynos processor for the S4 than fit it with a completely new processor.  After all, Samsung just recently launched an Exynos 5-based Arndale developer board (read the story here) – a further proof that it may have intentions to keep this processor line alive for longer.

When it comes to other features, we expect better screen (yeah, it can get better than Super AMOLED, we just don’t know how yet) – maybe a 5 inch screen with a much better build quality.  The big question is, what else will Samsung offer that will make the S4 undeniably better than the S3, currently still the best smartphone in the market?  Let is wait and see, but I have faith Samsun will not disappoint during the 2013 MWC when it may launch the Galaxy S4.


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  1. It is very unlikely that Samsung will make a 5 incher S4 because that automatically makes it a phablet. Thewe wouldnt be any room for a note 3 then. I believe they’ll keep it below 4.6″

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