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Samsung Galaxy S3 Trounce iPhone 5 in UK, Becomes the Most Popular Smartphone

Samsung galaxy S3 has trounced Apple’s iPhone 5 in the UK to become the bestselling and most popular smartphone despite the latter being newer in the market.  According to the latest figures uSwitch, a Mobile Tracker, it appears that the excitement and the anticipation of the iPhone 5 even by loyal fans died down after the smartphone’s release on September 21st.  On release, the top formidable competitor of the iPhone 5 is Samsung’s Galaxy S3 smartphone currently rated the finest Android smartphone in the market in design, performance and price.

Apple has reported record sales upon the release of the sixth generation iPhone with over 5 million iPhone 5 phones shipped globally within the first three days of the phone’s launch.  This is Apple’s latest handset that sports a new processor and a new thinner but longer design.  Although the iPhone boasts of global reach, it only polled fifth in the popularity test in the UK charts.

Apple faces stock shortages of iPhone 5 because of global shipments, but its performance in the UK and other countries including the US has been below expectations as reviews and criticism of various features of the phone surface.  The most disappointing is the maps application on iPhone 6 which has embarrassed Apple after it chose to stop supporting Google maps and instead develop their own maps application.  As a matter of fact, iPhone 5’s performance in the UK market is worse than iPhone 4S which is rated the second most popular smartphone by UK users.

What made the situation worse for Apple is its case against Samsung, which although it won $1.05 billion in damages for copyright infringement, has been viewed as unfair and the company has been criticized for its attempts to have a number of Samsung handsets banned in the US market.  It is most likely because of this that the other two smartphones that are more popular than the iPhone 5 are manufactured by Samsung.  These are the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the Samsung Galaxy S2, the predecessor of Samsung Galaxy S3.

Ernest Doku, a telecoms expert at uSwitch, said that Apple iPhone 5’s dismal performance in the market was not expected.  “Everyone expected the iPhone 5 to knock the Samsung Galaxy S3 off the top spot as the nation’s favorite phone, but that hasn’t happened, yet,” he said, “After six generations of Apple phones, the excitement around the iPhone 5 has failed to convert into immediate sales, but cynics should take note, this is the thinnest, lightest, fastest and best-looking iPhone ever.”

iPhone 5 is a completely revamped handset that is designed for high performance,  with a 4 inch retina display iOS 6 and a new 8 pin lightning port, it sure is one of a kind from Apple.  But there are one or two things that the company has to improve when it comes to maps and, well, how it views the competition.

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  1. that’s a production issue, if Apple can’t meet the demands then that’s a real problem.

    and Galaxy s3 also had the same supply demand issue during it’s launch, but they recovered within a week or so. we’ll see how Apple handles the issue

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