Samsung Galaxy S IV said to feature new quad core Exynos processor

I am sure that a lot of Android lovers, and especially lovers of the Samsung Galaxy S series of smart phones, are waiting for the next edition of the smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV. We have also seen a few rumors about the device in the past. One of the rumors we saw about the Galaxy S IV was that the South Korean Android smart phone giant would unveil the next generation device at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), 2013. But the company ruled out that rumor pretty sure. Also, there were doubts about this rumor as the company hosted its own event this year to announce its Galaxy S III device, in London.

Also, there was another rumor about a Galaxy S IV prototype which was running 3 GB of RAM. And there were others comments as well. After that, there was some silence. But now, the rumor mill is back on with some Galaxy S IV rumors. This time around, it is about the processor that the smart phone will be running on. According to the new rumor, the next flagship device from the South Korean manufacturer will be running a home grown 28 nm ARM Cortex A15 based SoC, which is codenamed “Adonis” (god of desire and beauty in Greek mythology).

The rumor continues to say that the processor is already in the testing phase at the labs of the company, and is scheduled to hit the mass production phase in the first quarter of the coming year. And the rumor says that the company may release the smart phone in the April – May region of the next calendar year. But the source fails to give out any details (or more rumors) about the clock frequency of the processor, or the GPU that is going to accompany the processor.

Your best bet would be to take this report with a pinch of salt, as the authenticity of this rumor is almost nil.

Source: Pocket Now

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