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Samsung Galaxy S III US variants to receive Jelly Bean update in 2013

The device dubbed as the “iPhone killer” seems not getting the kind of treatment than we expect but that goes only to units being distributed in the United States. Samsung Galaxy S III in the United Kingdom across all networks is reportedly queued up to receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update by the end of the month and this has been confirmed by carriers in that region. In the US all carriers will not rollout JB update until 2013 so owners, especially those who don’t want to use custom firmware, would be stuck with the current Ice Cream Sandwich.

Among all Galaxy S3 owners, the ones in the US could be the last to receive the much anticipated update. This is after reports that internal variants of the device may also receive updates by end-October or early November. Perhaps, one of the factors why GS3 users will be so frustrated when JB update will not be released, at least, this year is because ever since the launching of the handset in London, there had already been a promise that it would become one of the most updated devices as far as OS is concerned. During that time, Jelly Bean already made a buzz, although many believed it would have been Android 5.0 and not 4.1.

Within the 5-month timeframe since its release, there have already been several updates rolled out to address minor issues including some fixes to make GS3 immune to possible Apple copyright disputes. It is, however, unconceivable that the handset will not be getting the update every owner desires soon. XDA Developers have released countless Jelly Bean custom ROMs for people who have guts to take the risk of flashing unofficial firmware into their precious device. People who are under any provider, especially in the US, are not really into using these ROMs simply because any one of them will void the warranty.

Basically, for now owners will have to engage into the waiting game Samsung and carriers are playing. But surely, it will impact the sales of any Samsung smartphones in the US.

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