Samsung Galaxy S III Update Coming Soon From Sprint?

Over this past weekend, an XDA forum member that goes by the name of “freeza,” posted information about a leaked build of Sprint’s pending Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for their Samsung Galaxy S III devices. This leaked ROM includes Samsung’s custom and exclusive TouchWiz interface. One of the more unfortunate things about this ROM is that it includes quite a few features that are not working in the stock browser. Google Now is also experiencing a few issues with the device’s gyroscope sensor. Whatever the issues are, it is very clear that build KROo3L is getting extremely close to complete, which happens to mean that will be seeing this update on our Spring Samsung Galaxy S III’s fairly soon! I would also go as far to saying that we’ll be seeing updates on some of the other carriers fairly soon too.

Of course, if you are not interested in waiting any longer for Sprint to make this update available, and you can live with some of these issues (who uses the stock browser anyway?), you can hit the source link below to download the leaked ROM or one of the other custom ROMs that was created by the XDA community. Of course, be careful when trying either of those options, it is very possible to mess up your device if you don’t do things correctly, so be very careful. We would not want you to brick your $400+ device!

Some of you may just be content on waiting for the update via Sprint, we don’t know how long this is going to take though. For all we know, it could take months like Verizion did with the Galaxy Nexus. Whatever the case is, I am hoping that Samsung and Sprint will be able to move forward swiftly, especially after this leaked build was released on the XDA Forums. At some point in time, it would be really nice if we could get a carrier that would release timely updates, and not stall things out forever and ever. Wouldn’t it?

It is pretty frustrating when a company announces an update for your handset, and then strings you along until the next variant of the handset is on the way, such as the Galaxy S IIII (just an example, may or may not be a legit phone). I’m just extremely tired with all of this update nonsense. Especially from Motorola! Atrix users have been promised an update to ICS for how long now? It is absolutely insane and terrible business practices.

Does anyone agree with that, or am I just nuts and this is how the “world” works? Let me know your opinion about it all in the comments below, I would love to hear your opinion on this matter. On the flip side, are you going to be grabbing the Jelly Bean ROM for your Sprint Galaxy S III off of XDA? Or are you just going to wait it out until Sprint decides it is time to finally get that update going?

source: XDA
via: talk android

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  1. I feel the same way, i just had an update threw sprint .and i thought it was for jelly bean . But instead it was for ice cream sandwich 4,0,4,,, i was pissed

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