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Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Growing Strong Despite the iPhone 5 Launch


The iPhone 5 launched recently with much anticipation and hype. But unfortunately for Apple, things didn’t quite go as smoothly as it had expected. Some initially feared that the good old Samsung Galaxy S III would have to go through rough days after the iPhone 5 launch. And to make things tougher for Samsung, the hectic patent trials weren’t expected to go easy on its sales either. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case according to a recently concluded survey by Localytics, which specializes in analysis of data and provides marketing for tons of Android and iOS developers. The survey suggests that despite the launch of the iPhone 5 or the recently concluded patent trials, the Samsung Galaxy S III sales are still growing strong. This tells us exactly how bad the iPhone 5 turned out to be for Apple. Localytics gathers information by making a note of the number of Galaxy S III smartphones seen by apps each week. So the exact figure could slightly differ.

Post the Apple Maps debacle, there was trouble regarding the body construction of the device which was believed to be very prone to accidental scratches despite being made out of aluminum. But iFans wouldn’t worry about that much to be honest, as they would literally buy anything that comes out of Apple Inc irrespective of its features. I don’t mean to be too harsh on iPhone users, but this is why it always pays to do your research when investing in a smartphone or electronics of any kind. Apple has come out clean to take a step back and has urged its customers to use third party Maps applications instead of the native Maps app on iOS 6.


It must be noted though that the Galaxy S III saw no growth during the week before the iPhone 5 was announced, which is understandable. However, if you look at the sales numbers in subsequent weeks, you’ll get a brief idea of how things went. On the week of the iPhone 5 announcement (Sep 11-17), the Galaxy S III saw a rise of over 15% in sales. 14% in the following week and the week following that saw 9% of growth. In July, it was believed that people rushed to stores to get their hands on the Galaxy S III as quickly as possible fearing a ban on the device. In general, people with the Galaxy S III have had far less complaints than with the newly launched iPhone 5. And with the launch of the Galaxy Note II right around the corner, Apple’s sales figures might further take a beating. To make things even tougher, Nokia has its WP8 smartphones lined up for next month along with HTC and Samsung. So there will be a fierce battle for dominance in the next few months between these giants of the industry.

Source: Localytics
Via: BGR

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