Samsung Galaxy Note II Multitasking Features Highlighted

By now, we should all know that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note II is going to be a fantastic handset. With the handset boasting of quad-core power and S Pen, the noteworthy feature of this device is how great it is at multitasking. While you may think we are talking about traditional Android multitasking, we are not. Samsung’s exclusive and specific variation of multitasking is what is noteworthy. In the Galaxy Note 10.1 we saw the split-screen multitasking, which will be making a return in the Galaxy Note II. Split-screen multitasking is very unique to Samsung as opposed to other Android devices. Samsung Electronics released a special promotional video that highlights the potential that multitasking has on a Galaxy Note II through a simulated demonstration, which happens to look amazing. You can watch the embedded video below.

When you use an apps bar that is tiled either vertically or horizontally (from my understanding, that is your choice), the S Pen is able to drag and drop your various applications which will open a new application above or below an existing application that had already been running. While that may sound confusing at first, it means that users will be able to see two applications live, at the same time, simultaneously, and actually be able to do two things at the same time. I can say that this is an amazing feature that will definitely be utilized by a lot of people, specifically people with business jobs and etc.

The multitasking is definitely a huge noteworthy feature of this device, but you should not that the feature demonstrated in the promo video is actually for the Korean version of the Galaxy Note II handset. At the same time, it’s been suspected that Samsung will be including this in the other variants of the handset when we are able to see them when they arrive in mid-November. If this feature isn’t found in the other variants of the handset, I would be extremely surprised due to how much they’ve marketed this device based off of those features.

There are some other features and things that are really cool about the Samsung Galaxy Note II, but when it comes down to it, the Samsung Galaxy Note II has all been about multitasking and having a tablet/smartphone crossover. I’m personally excited to see how the Galaxy Note II turns out either way though, even without the multitasking feature, it looks really awesome. For those of you who can’t watch the video demonstration, basically it just shows off a few cool features that the Galaxy Note II can do. We’ve seen a lot of what the video shows in past demonstrations at events, leaks and etc, but I would say that this specific video goes more in-depth as to what you can actually do with the Galaxy Note II.

So, if the Samsung Galaxy Note II were to not get the multitasking feature in the United States, would you still be getting this handset? Would you say that multitasking for the Note II was a selling feature for you?

source: talk android