Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE Coming To Everything Everywhere On October 15th


With Everything Everywhere being the United Kingdom’s very first 4G LTE carrier, it is no surprise that they have announced that it will be receiving Samsung’s latest device, the Galaxy Note II. This 5.5 inch behemoth with be joining the carrier’s other LET-capable handsets, along with the Samsung Galaxy S III and Huawei Ascend P1 LTE, which are now both officially available as of today. Customers that are interested in picking up a Galaxy Note II LTE, however, will have to wait until October 15th to get their hands on this specific device.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE will have access to Everything Everywhere’s newly introduced 4G LTE network, there has been no official word on when the service will be launching. This means that users who are signing up under a new contract will have to do so under the Orange or T-Mobile plan, and later on users will have to proceed to switch to Everything Everywhere after its LTE network is fully ready for its launch. Pricing, of course, still remains a mystery, but it does set you back quite a bit in other countries, and I would imagine it to be the same in the United Kingdom unless Samsung and/or the carriers want to show some love by giving away free Note II’s. Yeah, in your dreams, I’m not sure who would give you a free Note II, but if you find someone, how about you let us know and get us hooked up?

Some users are taking advantage of the limited Note II availability and are selling international versions through various sites like e-Bay. It’s definitely a great way to make money, because those who can’t wait are willing to pay a pretty penny to get the handset earlier. That’s definitely not something I would be entirely willing to buy, as the extra $300 for getting it early could go into something like an upgrade for the computer, or a shiny new console.

Whatever the case, the Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE isn’t available as of yet, but should be by October 15th. Until then, you have the Galaxy S III, iPhone 5 and Huawei Ascend P1 to take for a test drive. Even though you guys over at the United Kingdom have to wait a bit longer, you should feel pretty good, as we over in the United States still do not officially know when the Galaxy Note II LTE will be shipping, which as you can imagine, is a wretched and terrible thing.

When the Galaxy Note II releases in the UK under EE’s new LTE network, will you be looking into getting one of those behemoth smartphones? Or are you going to grab the Galaxy S III and hold off on the Galaxy Note II until we hear about the Galaxy Note III (there’s sure to be one, Samsung tends to do well with the number “3”)? Let us know in comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

source: talk android

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