Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s Stolen In Malaysian Heist, Reports Say That Over 1400 Were Stolen

Here’s something you rarely hear about, especially coming from Samsung: it seems like those that are living in Malaysia are going to have to wait out a bit longer for the Samsung Galaxy Note II to arrive in stores. It has been reported that over 1,400 units of the Samsung Galaxy Note II have been stolen in a heist. It appears that they were stolen from the cargo depots right under the noses of authorities supposedly guarding the shipments at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The question you are probably asking is: how in the world did this happen? Well, apparently no one actually knows how this happened but just know that they somehow have went missing right under the noses of authorities.

According to Azmir Murad, Senior General Manage of Operations at Malaysia Airports Holding Bhd, the airports operator, did mention that the correct police reports have been filed over these missing smartphones after a logistics company originally reported that that the highly advanced Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s went missing back on October 20th. What is really ironic about all of this is that Samsung held a launch party for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Malaysia just before the heist was reported. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the thieves (yes, I am sure a couple were involved. How else would one person steal over 1400 Galaxy Note 2’s?) were at the launch event and must have decided that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was actually worth something and might earn them a few (billion) dollars. I guess it turns out that Samsung has certainly achieved a high ranking among Malaysian eyes.

Whatever the case, authorities are actively searching for the 1,400+ smartphones that went missing and hopefully consumers in Malaysia will either be getting another heavily protected shipment of Galaxy Note II’s or we can just hope that the ones that went missing get found extremely fast. In other news, the launch of the Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile has gone really well, and it sounds like the party in New York City was a success. Sprint has also just launched their Galaxy Note II on Friday with Verizon planning to launch it later on this year. AT&T is currently taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note II and will be officially launching the device in a couple of weeks on November 9th.

Nevertheless, I do hope that our friends over in Malaysia will be able to get their hands on those amazing device soon enough. Hopefully authorities will be able to get to the bottom of things and you guys can thoroughly enjoy the magnificence that Samsung has to offer with this device.

What do you guys think about the 1400 devices stolen? Could it be a professional thief or just some guy wishing he had a few Note II’s to play around with? Do any of our readers over in Malaysia have any more reports on this news? If so, let us know in the comments below! We’ll make sure to keep everyone updated on future news.

source: uber gizmo, wsj

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  1. Heck! Seriously? The news ain’t reported in the dailies. Apparently I do not think it has hit in that bad yet, as a check with a few local telcos offering galaxy note 2 plans indicated that they have still aplenty in stock.

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