Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Won’t Beat The iPhone 5 With Camera Abilities


When the iPhone 5 was announced and Apple revealed all of the built-in and really cool integrated camera features, I could of swore that Samsung was going to be ahead of the game and was going to blow the iPhone 5’s camera out of the water, but apparently I was wrong. Both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2 feature the standard 8 mega pixel camera, but the iPhone 5 dominates the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in terms of camera features. Although the iPhone 5’s camera features are largely just Apple’s own adaptions of applications that are on the App Store, such as Instagram for an example. That said, you can download a lot of apps that could bring your Galaxy Note 2 up to the quality of the iPhone 5’s camera.

I am not fan of the iPhone 5. I think that it is a downright waste of money compared to smartphones already out such as the Galaxy S III and the Xperia Ion even. The big thing about the camera features in terms of the Apple iPhone 5 vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the fact that the iPhone 5 offers all of the extra camera features as native opposed to being stretched out throughout a bunch of other applications. Still, I think the Galaxy Note 2 takes an overall clearer image but if you largely depend on camera editing software, that is where the iPhone 5 excels against the Galaxy Note 2. All of that said, it would be really nice to see Samsung start integrating some really good camera editing features in their handsets.

You could really say that the Note 2 is better, or the iPhone 5 is better, but it really depends on your preference and what you are going to use the camera features for. Again, the iPhone 5 outdoes the Galaxy Note 2 with camera features. Excluding the Panorama feature that Android has had for quite a few years now you really have to admit that though a lot of us are huge fans of Android the features are just better. Now that isn’t to say that Android sucks because of that, it’s simply another way for the camera abilities to continue as companies move forward on the Android platform.

With the Samsung and Apple being very competitive companies (as they should be), I was highly expecting Samsung to offer some sort of competition to the iPhone 5 in terms of Camera abilities simply because of the new S Pen features, and if you’ve been following any of the S Pen stuff, you’ll notice that it actually looks extremely easy to use for editing photos after taking them. The Galaxy Note had the Photo Editor, and so does the Galaxy Note 2, but it’s actually nothing to compare with the iPhone 5’s photo editor due to how robust it is.

All of that said, if the Galaxy Note 2 is able to get some sort of update to improve the Photo Editor there definitely is potential for it, but for now, it is severely lacking. Hopefully Samsung will realize that — despite its focus on productivity — that the Galaxy Note 2 could have a lot of potential with photo editing.

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Won’t Beat The iPhone 5 With Camera Abilities”

  1. Haha y’all I waited a long time for the Iphone 5 to be released only to find that apple took its time to manufactue a toy looking phone thinking its cute. I hesitated and refused to get it but boy I needed an upgrade. Then boom came the gn2. I bought this phone with no regrets I looovvveee this phone. The iphone 5 can go jump off the bridge if it wants to. I hate both the look and the feel of the iphone 5. The 4s is even better in this same pespective. Samsung did a great job, and that camera thing that you guys keep rambling about….. whatever this phone takes excellent pics as well.

  2. I’m a iPhone 4s owner and I’ve been buying these iPhone since day ONE! yes i got my $100 rebate for the over price 🙁 and after doing all my research I’m almost 90% sure I’m going to switch to a GN2 to many specs that the GN2 carries over the iphone 5. <— sad I'm leaving iphone but when the competion is bringing better specs to the table at the same or lower price I can't turn my head and ignore it.

  3. My god! Why all of you are arguing about gs3 ang iphone? Buy what you want and be a fan of what you are using! But still iphone is the pioneer of touch screen! Samsung is next to iphone because they copy all the icons and the idea!!

  4. Really because I have the jelly bean update and still have flash so does my galaxy nexus running jelly bean…..!

  5. Although one big note is ice cream has flash jelly bean does not!! So note 2 doesnt have flash like gs3 and if u update gs3 to jellybean u lose flash!!!

  6. I saw a comparison of the S3 and 4s cameras and they were pretty close, one or the other was a little better depending on the shot. The iphone 5 camera is supposed to be a little better, so iphone could have a bit of an edge now. No idea about the software, but Apple has been historically superior on photos and graphics, so wouldn’t be surprised if their software is better.

  7. It is nice that you made it clear to us, namely GN2 is a better phone than IP5 in all departments, except camera. I guess, I can survive with an “essentially comparable” camera… lol

  8. iPhone = Made for an old person that doesn’t like to customize things and likes things to look the same damn way, all the damn time.

    Android Devices = It’s your world depending on their OS

    Galaxy Note 2 all day son!!!!!!

  9. When it’s all said and done you buy the phone tha does what you need it to do. and Deon you must not know how to operate the iPhone5 because it does have a flash. How come the size of other phones are getting bigger but apples phones are getting smaller and lighter? The Gs3 is to darn big for me. So quit comparing them and just buy the one you want.

  10. I agree. My last Android phone was the Evo 4g, and instead of getting the EVO 4g lte, I decided to give the iPhone a chance and try it out. Instant regret. Some of it’s capabilities are made more simple than Android phones(less steps for certain aspects of navigating), but others are ridiculous or can’t be done at all on the iPhone. The iPhone is fine, and does what I need it to for the most part, but I can’t wait to switch back in 2 years. As far as iPhone photo editing being better… that’s a joke. You can crop photos (so can my old razor flip-phone), you can auto-edit pictures as far as lighting and contrast (it works, but I’ve seen it before/nothing special), and you can give them cool coloring effect (Ie instagram. Again, nothing new.)

    Photo-editing wise, the iPhone is definitely capable of what you need it to do, but it’s obviously not anything “better” or “more special” than what’s already out there.

    Can’t wait to switch back. Maybe the Note 3 is in my future!!

  11. You didn’t answer his question on how the I5 has better capabilities then the GN2 for camera capabilities, and features.
    You just went around his question.

  12. lol this article is bs..the author clearly is an apple wife has the iphone 5, i have the gs3..i can tell you for sure that the gs3 takes better picture and has better for media wise i can do alot more with the gs3 than with the iphone 5..and of course flash is a must for me..iphone 5 still has no flash so thats a big brad save your bs for the amateurs..

  13. Last time I checked, all Galaxy devices had photo editing inside the camera application, then a photo editing app in the app tray. The only unique tool in the iPhone 5 is panorama and Android devices been this since froyo (2.2.x). So what I don’t understand is what’s so unique the iPhone camera app has the Galaxy series devices don’t have?

  14. I was waiting for an I phone 5, but picked up gn2 an hour ago. Im in love with this phone and the s pen. Super awesome piece of technology..

  15. Like I said, it depends on your preferences really. I see the Galaxy Note 2 as a very work/productivity focused powerhouse with the ability to run some really demanding things. On the other hand, I see the iPhone 5 as a very media centered device, and while the Galaxy Note 2 is capable of more media-esque things through third-party applications I think the iPhone 5 really nails it when it comes to their massive native photo editor.

    Again, it depends on your preferences. There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 2 takes some slick pictures, and may even be faster than the iPhone 5 when taking shots, but I think the iPhone 5 still is superior in terms of its media capabilities. That is not to say I favor the iPhone 5 though.

  16. Please elaborate on how the iPhone has superior camera abilities, I am very interested to hear. I know that the Galaxy has features such as Best Face that I dont think are present on the iP5, so please tell me what the Galaxy is lacking.

  17. I’d just like to clarify that I am no iPhone lover. I was just pointing out the fact that the iPhone 5 just has better camera abilities than what the Galaxy Note 2 offers.

    As I said, the Galaxy Note 2 was built for productivity, not supreme media and entertainment abilities that the iPhone 5 boasts of.

    I’m just waiting for the Note 2 to be available for pre-order on Oct 25th!

  18. Like you said it depends for what u use it and preferences. If u need professional pictures so get a professional camera also. Comparing both phones Galaxy Note 2 wins in many other ways.

  19. I’m also an Iphone user who will go to the Android side by buying the GN2. Apple products are always overpriced. The time when I bought the Iphone4 over 2 years back, they were the leading tech out there so I have nothing cheaper to compare which is just as good. Now, I think every single Samsung product is overtaking them in terms of technology and cheaper too. I am loyal to no brand but the Performance/Price/Reliability Ratio. Anyone who can give me a better ratio will be my pick!

  20. really???!!! as far as i know, the galaxy s3 has far more features on its camera than the iphone 5…and the galaxy note 2 has all the same features the s3 has…this article sounds more like an iphone 5 ad !!!

  21. The autor its indeed an iphone lover XD. In any way the iphone 5 its better than the sgn2( well just a few things), there is a big gap between these smarthphones.

  22. Sir,
    I have to say your article is the quintessential ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ tripe. You provided what you thought was enough back handed complements to the GN2 to disguise your clear partiality for the iPhone 5. Your article’s title betrays the actual purpose of your intentions. Don’t get me wrong, you have a right to express your opinion even if it is influenced by the imminent release of a device that is so far advanced to the latest iPhone iteration in terms of productivity and the sheer return of the joy of discovering new things about your latest toy. If you can remember back to when the iPhone was new and how you felt about all the great features it had then you might have an inkling of what I’m talking about.
    You do a disservice to both yourself and the iPhone 5 (IP5) by trumping a bunch contradicting statements concerning both the Galaxy Note 2 (GN2) and the IP5. Apple shouldn’t need you or it’s other surrogates to mislead the public.

    Accepted as Accurate
    The IP5 camera is essentially comparable to that of the GN2.
    The IP5 camera feature set may have a slight advantage over the GN2

    As your article suggested this ‘slight’ advantage can be resolved by either a couple of free apps from the play store or a modest outlay of a few dollars for even better apps, also from the play store. Either way this will have no baring whatsoever on the ability of the camera. These aspects only impact photo editing after the the photos have been taken.

    Bottom line – this minor varience should in no way impact a person’s decision to choose one device over the other. Personally I like the unique features of the GN2 such as the built in Wacome digitizer, the S-Pen and the multi-window multitasking functionality of the GN2 to name but a few of the myriad of new and exciting features.

    Android has now evolved beyond that of iOS. Parity was achieved with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) and exceeded with Jelly Bean (JB). With the more open development environment of the Android community and under the direction of Google, the gap between each new iteration of the Android OS will pull further away from iOS in both feature set and innovative process. They are no longer moving in the same direction.

    If iOS is to reach the heights of the first years ever again then Apple is going to have to have a fundamental shift in their corporate paradigm.

    No man is an island and neither is a corporation. The longer Apple clings to their walled OS the further they will fall behind. Don’t expect customers to keep coming back to the same stale body and OS forever. A vast number of new GN2 users will be from people suffering from iPhone fatigue.

    In closing, at the end of the day articles like this will have little or influence in swaying people either for or against the iP5 or GN2. People who read these types of articles are far too savvy to be influenced by such an obvious tactic and those who don’t generally research their purchases will get the opportunity to evaluate the devices at their local electronic stores and carrier outlets.

  23. The GN2 has way more options than the iPhone 5 from a camera perspective. Apple is still playing catch up at this point. They are now incorporating features that were available 3 years ago. Some they have failed to add. What are they waiting for, the iPhone 6? The GN2 will even compete with the weak iPad mini that they released today. When you have an event to announce the iPad mini and folks were more interested in the other products you announced (Macbook) that’s a problem. Then to add to it their stock dropped after the event. The Apple fan base will flock to the shelves for the iPad mini but it’s not innovative. I am dumping my iPhone for the GN2 and I am not sure i will ever buy another iPhone.

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