Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Won’t Beat The iPhone 5 With Camera Abilities


When the iPhone 5 was announced and Apple revealed all of the built-in and really cool integrated camera features, I could of swore that Samsung was going to be ahead of the game and was going to blow the iPhone 5’s camera out of the water, but apparently I was wrong. Both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2 feature the standard 8 mega pixel camera, but the iPhone 5 dominates the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in terms of camera features. Although the iPhone 5’s camera features are largely just Apple’s own adaptions of applications that are on the App Store, such as Instagram for an example. That said, you can download a lot of apps that could bring your Galaxy Note 2 up to the quality of the iPhone 5’s camera.

I am not fan of the iPhone 5. I think that it is a downright waste of money compared to smartphones already out such as the Galaxy S III and the Xperia Ion even. The big thing about the camera features in terms of the Apple iPhone 5 vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the fact that the iPhone 5 offers all of the extra camera features as native opposed to being stretched out throughout a bunch of other applications. Still, I think the Galaxy Note 2 takes an overall clearer image but if you largely depend on camera editing software, that is where the iPhone 5 excels against the Galaxy Note 2. All of that said, it would be really nice to see Samsung start integrating some really good camera editing features in their handsets.

You could really say that the Note 2 is better, or the iPhone 5 is better, but it really depends on your preference and what you are going to use the camera features for. Again, the iPhone 5 outdoes the Galaxy Note 2 with camera features. Excluding the Panorama feature that Android has had for quite a few years now you really have to admit that though a lot of us are huge fans of Android the features are just better. Now that isn’t to say that Android sucks because of that, it’s simply another way for the camera abilities to continue as companies move forward on the Android platform.

With the Samsung and Apple being very competitive companies (as they should be), I was highly expecting Samsung to offer some sort of competition to the iPhone 5 in terms of Camera abilities simply because of the new S Pen features, and if you’ve been following any of the S Pen stuff, you’ll notice that it actually looks extremely easy to use for editing photos after taking them. The Galaxy Note had the Photo Editor, and so does the Galaxy Note 2, but it’s actually nothing to compare with the iPhone 5’s photo editor due to how robust it is.

All of that said, if the Galaxy Note 2 is able to get some sort of update to improve the Photo Editor there definitely is potential for it, but for now, it is severely lacking. Hopefully Samsung will realize that — despite its focus on productivity — that the Galaxy Note 2 could have a lot of potential with photo editing.

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