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Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Why Yes, That Is Verizon’s Logo On The Home Button

Many of us have been anxiously awaiting Verizon’s announcement for their variant of the Galaxy Note II. They’ve finally unveiled the beast and it is almost identical to the many other Note II’s that are getting released on other carriers, except you may notice just one minor change or even issue. No, your eyes do not deceive you, that is indeed Verizon’s logo on the home button. A while back, there was a leaked photo of the Galaxy Note II on Verizon revealing their logo on the home button. We hoped it was just in the prototype, but no, it seems to have made itself into the final version of the handset. Unfortunately, it looks terrible. Why couldn’t they have just kept their logo on the back of the device?

To be entirely honest, it looks very out of place and looks like it does not even fit the home button. It looks like someone had to re-size it to the lowest standard possible. Of course, this does not do anything to the devices functionality itself, but it certainly is silly and out of place. What good is it going to do when we — most of the time — forget what network we’re on until the bills come around anyway? It’s not like it’s even a good spot for what they call “advertising” anyway. If they thought that it was a good design practice, I can say that I am more than happy to stay sitting on AT&Ts network, or really any other network that isn’t Verizon for that matter.

I’m really feeling bad for Verizon users as of late. First they have to wait for an extremely long update that every other carrier is already rocking, and now this? I’m not sure what is going on over their at Big Red, nor am I sure what has given Verizon any sort of special treatment, but that has gotten pretty ridiculous. Verizon is a great network (speed wise, prices are rather ridiculous), but they make some very questionable business decisions, as you should know by now. This is one of those questionable decisions that is probably going to end up angering a lot of users and probably even encourage a few customers to switch carriers. I don’t think anyone really likes branding and logos plastered all over their new toys.

Are you pleased with Verizon’s choice to brand the home button, or are you on board with the idea that it is just another stupid business decision coming from the company? Can we not just get a good device without a company having to take it and then ruin the aesthetics of it? I am extremely disappointed in Verizon’s choice here, and I hope that they choose a different route with future devices. On another note, if this is them trying to advertise, who really is going to come up to you and say, “Dang man, that logo is pretty awesome. Where’d you get it?”

I haven’t heard of that ever happening. Ever.

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