Samsung Galaxy Note 2 On T-Mobile Holds A Surprise For Their Customers

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If you are currently trying to figure out if it is really worth upgrading to a Galaxy Note II and even which carrier version you want, it is looking like T-Mobile customers are going to be the happiest of the bunch as some people have discovered that the device is future proof and has an LTE radio that will be ready to fire up in 2013.

T-Mobile has been the first carrier out of four major ones to start selling the Galaxy Note 2, but for now, T-Mobile customers won’t be able to take advantage of the speedy 4G LTE speeds that the handset is capable of while AT&T, Sprint and Verizon will be rocking their blazing network speeds. Instead, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note II will be taking advantage of the HSPA+42 network, and that is built in a way where owners of the handset will be able to switch over to LTE as soon as the service is available on the T-Mobile network sometime in 2013. Keep in mind that this will also be based on whether or not LTE is in or near your city.

An earlier analysis that had been compiled over at AnandTech, and th ey have confirmed that they have found that the T-Mobile hardware is exactly the same version that AT&T will be getting, with the LTE radios all ready to do. T-Mobile will obviously be disabling this feature upon launch as their LTE network isn’t ready for use yet. Of course, this finding could mean encourage some eager modders to go gold mining to try and figure out how to enable the feature before T-Mobile enables it again. That will definitely be quite an interesting predicament as the United States has deemed rooting and modding your phone entirely legal.

If you were sure that the T-Mobile version of the phone would be entirely different to other carrier versions of the handsets due to T-Mobile’s lack of any sort of LTE support, you should be happy to know that this version of the Galaxy Note II is indeed on the same level as the other carriers. That said, The Galaxy Note II is definitely going to be the best release of the year hands down. I’m not sure that any device we have heard of thus far can compete with this bad boy. I’m definitely excited to be getting my Galaxy Note II on AT&T when November 9th, its release date, comes around the corner. This guy is definitely shaping up to be something amazing.

Were you not planning on getting a Galaxy Note II purely because of the lack of LTE support, or were you going to get anyway in hopes of upgrading to a newer device with LTE support? Are you happy to know that T-Mobile can just flip the switch to turn on LTE on the Galaxy Note II now? Will this somehow alter which carrier you are going to purchase from? Which carrier are you planning on purchasing the device from? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 On T-Mobile Holds A Surprise For Their Customers”

  1. We’ve got 2 Note 2s. One is unlocked. The other is from T-Mo. The Note 2 ABSOLUTELY ROCKS! This is more than a smart phone. It is a super, super fast palm-top computer that competes with ultra-laptops. Frankly, this is the best device we’ve had (from a competitive standpoint) since the HP 100LX in the 1990s. WOW! Again WOW! This device rocks hard.

    BTW, we recently switched to T-Mo. We tested all the majors, head-to-head. T-Mo has coverage in the Chicago metro area that is equal to Verizon and better than the rest but much, much cheaper on their Value Plan. GREAT DEAL! Highly recommended. You should know however that to get the Value Plan requires some persistence as both the stores and the phone reps will try to steer you to the Clasic Plan which like most cell phone plans is a relative rip off. Go the website and check out the Value Plan and then insist on it… peace out. T

  2. T-Mobile only have the Titanium one for now. I wouldn’t worry so much about LTE. I know it’s coming and HSPA is pretty useful.

    Also, it looks like T-Mobile has the cheapest deal on the GN2 also.

    I went with the Value plan and got the two phones for $250 each. They tell you that you will pay $20 more for the phones until it’s paid off, but they let you choose the service plan that is $20 cheaper anyways. So therefore, you are actually getting the phone for $250, but still pay the original service plan. It’s just worded differently.

    The GN2 is great.

  3. Honestly my GN2 on tmobile sees speeds of 29mb quite often so its not bad at all and lte is around the corner. I would say go for it. Plans are cheaper than att too.

  4. If you want to wait a bit, they SHOULD have a white version of the Note II out after launch. After launch Amazon Wireless should even have it as well.

  5. The reason I am reading this is because AT&T does not have white GN2 for whatever stupid reason. I want GN2 so bad, thinking about switching to TMo. Should I settle down with hspa+? I know i do not want ugly verizon logo on home buuton. Why is it so difficult to get the phone I want here in US?

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