Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Launches On Three UK Today

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 2 was just spotted at a select amount of UK Samsung brand store last night, and today happens to be the launch day for most stores and mobile networks in the UK too. Three is the first carrier to announce that the Note 2 is on its network, with their on-contract prices starting at £31 per month with a £159 charge for the phone up-front. If you are looking for a Three Galaxy Note 2 without those silly contracts, you will have to shell out a good £499 for the PAYG variant of the handset.

All of that said, the Galaxy Note 2 is currently available for purchase in Three stores all over the United Kingdom today, and the network says that online orders that were placed today would be fulfilled tomorrow. We’ll probably be seeing a flood of reviews come out of the woodwork fairly soon for those who are indecisive about purchasing the handset too!

We’ll be keeping you updated for when more Galaxy Note 2’s launch in other countries, specifically the United States!

Anyone in the United Kingdom picking up their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 today? If so, let us know in the comments below, I would love to know what you think about the new handset so far.

source: android central


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