Samsung Galaxy Nexus WebOS port source code now available

Just a few days back, the forgotten mobile operating system from Palm, the Web OS, was ported to the Google’s Android flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Open Web OS project, as it is now called, is an open source project where developers can take the source code from the internet, alter it, write device drivers for it, and make it work on the smart phone they prefer. The Android community has been kind enough to take the old mobile operating system under its wing and make something out of it.

So for people who are using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and for some bizarre reason are bored of using Android on the smart phone, you can try the newly ported Open Web OS operating system on your Galaxy Nexus. Better yet, if you are a programmer and know your way around smart phone programming, you can write apps for the platform and improvise on it.

How is this going to be possible, you ask? Well, this is possible because the source code of the Galaxy Nexus port of the Open Web OS operating system has now been made open source. Yes, that is a very good news, I know. Now, what can we expect out of this?

This can become really big. The rebirth an old platform means that there is still demand for the operating system and that people are interested in bringing it back to life. Developers may start porting the operating system to other popular Android smart phones as well. There may come kernels which would support dual boot of Android and Open Web OS operating systems on a smart phone. Would you like that?

These are just assumptions and we cannot be completely sure all these are going to happen. So all we can do now is try out the Open Web OS port on our Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices.

Source: Talk Android

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