Samsung GALAXY Nexus and Google Nexus 7 already running Android 4.2?

We already have a lot of Android 4.2 rumors on the internet. One among them is a performance tweak which will optimize battery usage on smart phones and tablets running Android 4.2. But other than this, we do not know much about the operating system or the devices which could be in the works right now. But today, we have some news.

The server logs of Android Police reveal that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Asus and Google’s Nexus 7 are already running the next build of Android, which is Android 4.2. This is fair enough, as the Nexus devices are the first devices to test the new version of the Android mobile operating system by the search engine giant. There have been a couple of other device which have been logged on the servers of Android Police, about which Phone Arena writes as follows:

Now, enter the Motorola Occam. Cleverly named after the Occam’s Razor prinicple, this will obviously be a RAZR device. Like the Nexus devices, it was seen on the server traffic log of Android Police. By the way, Occam’s Razor merely means that if there are two theories that make the same prediction, the more simple one is best. And what could be more simple than a Nexus device uncomplicated by any manufacturer’s skin. So, the theory is that the Motorola Occam is a Nexus version of the Motorola RAZR M or perhaps the Motorola RAZR HD.

Another device, the Manta, runs Android 4.2 and is believed to be a tablet due to the lack of the ‘mobile’ name in the UA string. Manta is short for manta-ray which fits in perfectly with the code names for the Motorola XOOM tablet. Stingray was the Wi-Fi version of the tablet and Wingray was the variant for the tablet that uses the Verizon data network. On the other hand, the Google Nexus 7 had a code name of grouper, so this could be anything from a larger 10 inch Google Nexus tablet, to a Motorola Nexus tablet.

Pretty soon, we will get to know the truth about these devices and the yet to be released Android 4.2.

Source: Phone Arena

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  1. Clarification: The Manta tablet is a Samsung Nexus tablet. I held one this weekend. It’s gorgeous, 16×9, 10″ or so screen and has stereo speakers. It’s also VERY thin and has a front and back camera, the latter with a flash. I couldn’t get any information from the About screen, hardware-wise, other than it was Manta, was running Jelly Bean MR1, and had Android release J0083C. My brief time with it didn’t give any insight to what’s been updated in 4.2 vs 4.1. But, that tablet was FAST.

  2. Stingray is the Xoom LTE and Wingray is the WiFi version to correct the article. This is posted from my Stingray actually as well 🙂

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