Romo, the iPhone powered robot

I’m ready to accept in public that I am not an Apple fan boy. I do not like any Apple device for a bunch of reasons, and the iPhone is no exception. That is because I am an Android person. I extensively use a lot of Google products, and hence, the Google services integration on Android is just what I love. But after seeing this little thing, I am already planning on buying an iPhone and an iPad.

I am talking about the all new second generation Romo, the Romo 2.0. If you know what is Romo, that is because you probably have the first generation Romo with you. The company behind Romo, Romotive, is a small bunch of people who prepared every first generation by hand, around a big table. But now, they have a better product which they are ready to manufacture on a big scale. Tech Crunch writes:

Now Romotive is back with Romo 2.0, a streamlined, redesigned model that looks more like a toy than a tool. Romo connects to your smart phone and can be controlled via another smart phone or tablet. You move Romo around the room remotely and can turn on the camera to view the scene or make a cute little blue face light up and smile when it sees people. The Romo costs $150 if you pledge now and they’re looking for $100,000 to build and ship these wee fellows.

That’s not all: the team is planning on building an entirely new app for Romo, adding some cool features like autonomous navigation, facial recognition, and computer vision. They will also add an SDK so programmers and add features to the Romo.

For more info, watch the video below. I am pretty sure I am going to buy one of these cute little robots. What about you?

Source: Tech Crunch