Retro Feature: Tetris

This is a series of posts featuring some of the new and good retro games that Google has been featuring. The goal is to give you a good idea of what the game is about and if it is worth the price they are asking for. This is NOT a review.

Today’s retro feature is Tetris. Everyone and anyone should know about this game. Electronic Arts has put the game up on both iTunes and Google Play, and while it is a little buggy and rough around the edges, it does go back to the true roots of Tetris. Now, I don’t usually see Electronic Arts as the perfect company to produce Tetris, as I highly doubt they really tried to capture the nostalgia of this game. EA has been known to create things just to fuel their pockets (e.g. Mass Effect 3), so I just have a few doubts in that area. Whatever the case, Tetris is Tetris, and this title offers both really good graphical quality and extremely fun gameplay as you might remember it to be.

The only issue you might find with Tetris (aside from the high graphical quality) is that the game really does not feel suited for any sort of touch screen controls, but rather a controller and/or keyboard. Aside from that, I have found that the game runs really well and works fairly well on the tablets, but again, the controls are rather awkward and could potentially ruin a match you are in every so often.

Now, the reason I feature Tetris today is because this is the only Tetris-like game on Google Play that is actually worth your time. There’s a few spin-offs of the game, but just really aren’t that good. With that said, and while it might be a bit expensive to purchase this title for your Android device, Tetris by Electronic Arts is, as of this writing, your best app to get as close to the “old” Tetris as you can. On the flip side of things, it’s almost like the game is running inside a backdoor emulator, as they probably didn’t want to be bothered to do an entire port.

Whatever the case, the game is still pretty good. I’m not entirely impressed with the game, but it is good, and could be better if the developers wanted to really get this game to a fantastic point. One thing that you might notice, is that Tetris is really good on the tablet as opposed to your everyday smartphone. It gives you a bigger picture and a lot of the tablets that are coming out tend to have better touch sensors, and since Tetris on the Android platform is very touch based, this is something that is highly needed.

If you’re looking to throw down $3 on this game, you can hit the download links below that will take you to Google Play or iTunes respectively (you should take note that the Android version is actually better than the iOS version for obvious reasons).

downloads: Google Play, iTunes 


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  1. “Now, the reason I feature Tetris today is because this is the only Tetris-like game on Google Play that is actually worth your time.”


    Same goes for iOS, it only depends where you draw the line with Tetris-like. There’s Fluxe and Slydris, btw, that are definitely worth a Tetris fans time, and might be on that line somewhere.

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