Retro Feature: Pac-Man

This is a series of posts featuring some of the new and good retro games that Google has been featuring. The goal is to give you a good idea of what the game is about and if it is worth the price they are asking for. This is NOT a review.

Chances are pretty high that you haven’t seen Pac Man on the Android platform. Well, I have good news for you, Namco Networks has Pac Man on Google Play, and for quite some time too. There are many Pac Man games on Google Play, but none of them have been by Namco who are truly able to emulate the original game, as they are the sole owners of the title. Honestly, you have to keep in mind that Pac Man is a extremely famous arcade classic, and with it coming to Android, many users have been excited. Like all games, there are a few issues with it, but if you can look past them, this game is probably for you.

As far as I know, it’s sounding like this iteration of the game is currently not available for Jelly Bean users, as Ice Cream Sandwich users were just recently given the update for compatibility. So, those who are running Ice Cream Sandwich may have to wait a little while before purchasing and downloading the game. Also, there are a few control issues with the game currently, so when you swipe, Pac Man may not turn right away, as there might be a little delay. That may be depending on what device you are running the game on though, as Namco has had to put out numerous updates for specific devices.

You should keep in mind that this game is a port, and thus does not have beautiful graphics. It’s classic Pac Man, and that is the way that Namco wanted to leave it. Which, isn’t wrong by any means. Pac Man is just an extremely enjoyable arcade game, that really doesn’t need fantastic graphics to be good. While you may not play this game consistently, Pac Man is totally worth the $4 for when you get those random moments where you are just like, “Man, I want to play Pac-Man.”

You may think that $4 is not worth it, as there are many other apps out there that are less expensive and even free, but Namco is always supplying many different Pac Man games on the Android platform, and supporting them in this work is a great thing, in my opinion. I would agree that it is expensive for the game, but I also try to think that I am also supporting the developers who went to the hard work to port this game over onto the famed Android platform.

As you can imagine, Namco wouldn’t just want to saturate Google Play with their Pac Man apps, so with that said, you can also purchase Pac Man on iTunes if you haven’t already. If you want to grab these titles on Google Play or iTunes, make sure to hit the download links listed below.

downloads: iTunes, Google Play

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