Retro Feature: Metal Slug 3

This is a series of posts featuring some of the new and good retro games that Google has been featuring. The goal is to give you a good idea of what the game is about and if it is worth the price they are asking for. This is NOT a review.

Metal Slug 3 is simply awesome, though the price it is asking for is quite ridiculous. If you remember Metal Slug 3 on the NeoGeo 2D, then you are going to absolutely love that it is now available on Android devices for the price of $7. $7 is a bit pricey for an app of this type, but if you are really looking for an old game to play, this is the one. Metal Slug 3 is a near perfect conversion from the NeoGeo, and has so far, wowed many of it’s users with sitting at a solid 4 star rating.

The one thing that you might find frustrating about this game, is the fact that you can not play the game in flight mode, as it is constantly looking for your license and thus needs to access the world wide web. This can be frustrating, and even angering after paying a whopping $7 for this title, but it is entirely worth it still, I would say.

Metal Slug 3, as you would expect, is a sidescroller where you use a number of different weapons to fight your way through a battlefield filled with insanity. One thing that I kind of really like is that even though Metal Slug 3 is a near perfect conversion from the NeoGeo, they’ve also went ahead and added extra features such as the OpenFeint Social Platform. OpenFeint will allow you to receive achievements so that you can increase your Metal Slug 3 player ranks and rise to the top as 1#. Many people just use it to submit high scores, but the fact that they’ve added achievements is wonderful.

So. Metal Slug 3 sounds fun and all, but what’s the quality like? Developer SNK Playmore has a track record for making fantastic ports. There last port was “Blazing Star” and was also a near perfect port of the game. With that said, you can only expect perfection to be coming from this developer, and aside from that, their games are always getting fantastic reviews!

While both games have some issues with license checking via the internet, they both are good games, especially Metal Slug 3. Of course, you can always hold onto hope that the developer will remove that online license checking. On the bright side, for any of you jealous iOS users, the game is also available on the iTunes store for same price.

With all of that said, anyone who picks up Metal Slug 3 is going to love this game on the Android platform. Filled with crazy amounts of actions and a variety of weapons of mass destruction, players will thoroughly enjoy blowing everything up in their paths. You can hit the download links below to head on over to either Google Play or iTunes to grab your copy of Metal Slug 3.

downloads: Google Play, iTunes

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