Rayman Jungle Run For Android Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $2.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes 

Rayman Jungle Run is an extreme amount of fun, the developers do a fantastic job trying to capture the spirit of last years Rayman Origins.  On the other hand, you are going to find that you don’t have full control over game because it is a one touch running game. Sort of like Sonic CD, but an entirely different game. Whatever the case, Rayman Jungle Run is going to set you back by $2.99, but is still an extreme amount of fun and is entirely worth the price that they are asking for. Honestly, this is probably one of the best casual Android games that is currently available in Google Play.

Rayman Jungle Run probably has some of the most beautiful graphics that I have ever seen in terms of mobile games (excluding all of the UDK powered games). It takes on its usual attractive “cartoony” style, but unlike a lot of fast paced games on mobile handsets, Rayman Jungle Run does a very good job at keeping a good and stable frame rate. As you can imagine, right off the bat this is a good thing for Rayman Jungle Run, as games published by Ubisoft or Namco tend to be pretty terrible mainly because they release it, and don’t due any sort of bug fixes or interaction with the community. That said, there are basically no major bugs within Rayman Jungle Run aside from a few compatibility issues with various phones.

When it comes to gameplay, it’s pretty solid. If you remember playing Sonic at all, or even recently on your Android device, you’ll notice some extreme similarities to Rayman Jungle Run. As I said earlier, it’s a one touch running game, and you really don’t have to do anything aside from jumping. The huge difference you are going to notice between Sonic and Rayman Jungle Run, is that Rayman Jungle Run has some beautiful graphics and very vibrant “power-ups” and collectibles. Keep in mind that despite how vibrant and beautiful the graphics are, the game’s frame rate still manages to stay at a stable and steady pace. This is very important because on higher end devices, when a games frame rate drops, you can see it drastically. Thankfully Ubisoft did a fantastic job keeping things in check and releasing a near bug-free game. The quality alone, I would say, is well worth the $2.99 that they are asking for you to pay.

Rayman Jungle Run is currently available on both iOS and Android. I haven’t tested the iOS version or “port,” so points in this review may not be as accurate as it is to the Android version of the game. Rayman Jungle Run is a fantastic, vibrant, fast-paced side-scrolling game, and will offer you a good couple hours of endless fun if you enjoy games like Sonic and such. Rayman Jungle Run is known to be one of the best games on the mobile platform despite its cost.

Fantastic job with this title Ubisoft. I’m definitely looking forward to playing a lot more of the game.


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