Project Eternity Reaches 50K Backers, New Stretch Goals Announced

We are now halfway through Obsidian Entertainment’s Project Eternity Kickstarter fund, and it has reached 50,000 backers with $2.2 million pledged to the project. That is nearly twice as much as Obsidian originally asked for, which just means we are going to be seeing an even better game than what it was originally going to be. Even though they have already earned a whopping $2.2 million for their game, they are trying to push the stretch goals even further to keep the money flowing and the excitement kindled. The next stretch goal sits at the $2.4 million mark (which happens to be very likely due to almost being at $2.3 million). At this point the company will be adding a crafting and enchanting system to the game. As you might expect (due to the amount of games we play with crafting in it), this will allow you to combing x amount of items to make potions, upgrade your gear, make scrolls and etc.

All of that aside, Obsidian Entertainment has also announced that they will be adding a new, extra dungeon into Project Eternity in celebration of reaching a whopping 50,000 backers. The Endless Paths of Old Nua are going to be something players will be able to venture in after a crazed architect died and left his catacombs unattended. Honestly, this dungeon sounds really exciting, as crazed architects and unattended catacombs always mix together well, right? A few preparations may need to be made before going on the adventure, but surely it is going to be perfectly safe (not really)! Project Eternity is really starting out to shape up like a fantastic RPG. Obsidian has always been great about these games, even if it hasn’t been their very own IP before. They have done a fantastic job on the Fallout series in the past, along with other titles like “Icewind Dale.” I’m really excited for this.

So, we’re getting close to the project ending, but I wonder if Obsidian will be able to break the record and surpass Double Fine in the record amount of money earned off of Kickstarter. The only problem is, Double Fine is pretty huge on point and click adventure games, while Obsidian loves their old school RPG classics. I guess it depends on what the community is wanting and what company has more appeal. I’m excited for both companies, but it would be awesome to see that record broken and prove that Kickstarter is, once again, the number #1 crowd-sourcing tool.

Is anyone excited for Obsidian Entertainment’s Project Eternity? With it being an old school-like classic based off of the Infinity engine,  there is a lot of excitement surrounding it from some of Obsidian’s older fans. Heck, I even donated and I’m more of a newer fan. Obsidian really has something special here, and I am extremely glad that they were able to surpass the funding goal that they were looking for. Project Eternity is truly going to turn out to be one of the best RPG’s that was ever made.

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source: pc gamer