Postagram Is Changing The Way You Send Postcards

Remember when you used to take physical photos, have to print them out, and then tape them on a postcard and send them off to family and friends? Or even when you had to to find postcards with pre-set photos and send them off? Well, Postagram by Sincerely is changing how all of that works. Thanks to your camera on your smartphone, you can take a picture of a really beautiful environment, load it up on Postagram, and then proceed to order a Postcard to be sent at x location. Not only that, but it stays at a affordable price of $1 to send a postcard too. Technology is awesome isn’t it?

One of the options in Postagram is the ability to buy all of your postagrams in bulk. Not only will that option be cheaper in the long run, but you’ll also be able to customize every last one of them with all of your photos from Instagram, Facebook or just what’s on your native photo gallery on the tablet and/or smartphone. The best thing about Postagram is to just be able to take these amazing photos with Instagram, and then translate them into almost a fully blown out photo, except in postcard format. So, if you are using Postagram to order your Instagram photos, or if you are just using Postagram to send stuff off to your friends and family, it all works easily!

Let me just paint you a picture of what Postagram is actually capable of. Say you go over to France on vacation, and you decide to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower while you are there. Maybe there was a friend that wanted to see the Eiffel Tower too and couldn’t go, or if there was family that also wanted to see it and couldn’t go. Straight from France you would be able to open up your phone, take a photo of the Eiffel Tower, edit it with Instagram, and then throw it in Postagram and send your Family and Friends a postcard or “postagram” straight from France for only a a dollar (regular postcards there are bound to be much more expensive). Of course, Postagram does charge you shipping, except, at the time of this writing you are able to send your first five Postagrams for free.

With all of that said, isn’t this technology amazing? I’m sure we all would of been able to imagine that this would of happened soon enough, but how do you think this will be shaping our letters in the future? Maybe we’ll be sending our Family and Friends mail through apps in the very near future? The possibilities are endless, and while this isn’t crazy new technology, the idea of it all is just really cool.

So, let me know in the comments below, how do you think apps like Postagram are going to shape our future of snail mail?

Postagram is a free application if anyone would like to download it. You can hit either the Google Play or iTunes download link for your respective devices.

downloads: Google Play, iTunes

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