PlayStation Mobile store for Android launched

In order to enter the smart phone gaming world, Sony launched the Xperia Plan some time back. But the smart phone was not quite a success and the company decided to try something new. Instead of running its games on its own hardware, Sony decided to create a developer platform and let other manufacturers develop on it. Smart phone manufacturers, namely HTC, Sharp, and Fujitsu, are already on the list of device manufacturers who have Sony Play Station certified devices, or on the verge of releasing such devices.

In order to provide games for these Sony Play Station certified devices, Sony has just launched the Play Station Mobile Store for Android devices. The mobile store went live today. In order to buy and install games, users will have to first download and install the mobile store from Sony’s website here. The mobile store is not available on the Android Play Store for some reason.

Sony has also given a list of Android smart phones and tablets on its website which are certified for the program. Along with roughly two dozen Sony smart phones and tablets, there are HTC One X, One V, and One S also, with the caveat: “HTC mobile device owners cannot access PlayStation®Mobile for the moment. However, we are working with HTC to ensure PlayStation®Mobile launches as soon as possible. We will update you soon.”

This is a good attempt by Sony, considering the fact that smart phone and tablet gaming is gaining a lot of momentum these days, becoming one of the major sources of income for game design houses. Sony’s attempt to provide Play Station Portable like controls on a smart phone with the Xperia Play has failed, but all touch devices from other manufacturers might be attractive devices for gamers.

One more thing, games purchased on the Play Station Mobile Store will also be downloadable on the Play Station Vita, in case you have one. So you will not have to buy them again.

Source: Gigaom