Play Magazines Now Readable Through Google Chrome

If you read my previous opinion on Play Magazines, you’ll understand that I was really excited to start reading magazines straight from the comfort of my tablet. I love magazines when it comes to gaming, and surely the tablet was only going to increase that. There is this sort of convenience when reading magazines on the tablet, not to mention that being able to stop reading and bookmark your place without ruining pages was a huge bonus that factored into my opinion. Unfortunately, I haven’t really taken advantage of this except most recently. There are definitely things I don’t like about it, but I may just decide to read them more with this new announcement from Google.

Thanks to Google, we will not be able to access magazines we purchase from the Play Store through the Google Chrome web browser. The newly added feature looks simply amazing. It looks really sharp, and actually offers on screen, clickable buttons for virtual navigation throughout your chosen magazine. You can find all of the magazines’ clickable content on the left side of the screen, which also acts as the Table of Contents for the magazine. You will also be able to do some awesome pinch and zooming action to get some closer examination of the detail in some of these magazines’ artwork. Obviously the feature is cool, and its another way that Google is offering you the ability to access the Play Store through. So, now you can read your magazines all through your work day in Google Chrome. Who knows, maybe Google will be adding some sort of Play Store app functionality inside Google Chrome too! Who need a tablet, right? And hey, who knows, but, maybe Google will eventually add in a comics section and add that to Google Chrome as well. That’d definitely be something that Google’s userbase would love.

This was all announced via the Play Store’s Google+ post. As far as I know, the feature is currently only available for residents of the USA and Australia. Surely more countries will be getting the feature soon, but for now it is just limited to those two countries. Also, you need to keep in mind that this feature is available for Google Chrome only, so you won’t be able to use this feature in other browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Safari. In fact, if Google’s track record says anything, other browsers will not be getting this feature at all. Lets just hold onto hope though.

Have you given these new features a test run yet? If you have, and whether you liked it or not, let us know in the comments below! I’ve definitely went on and given it a test run, and so far everything is looking really good, and even loads extremely fast. I am really enjoying it, aside from my usual complaints about digital services and their “licensing” issues in general, I would highly suggest taking a look at that article, and even throwing down a comment over there!

source: talk android

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