Pirates Bay Continues To Fortify System Against Crackdown

Controversial file-sharing service Pirates Bay announced they have already fortified its system from possible police raid by ditching its servers and moving its contents to several cloud-hosting providers around the world.

Despite persistent crackdown by Swedish authorities on the administrator of the file-sharing site, Pirates Bay remains firm in their vision to keep their site running and invincible against raids.

“Slowly and steadily we are getting rid of our earthly form and ascending into the next stage, the cloud,” the Pirate Bay wrote in a blog post. “Our data flows around in thousands of clouds, in deeply encrypted forms, ready to be used when necessary. Earth bound nodes that transform the data are as deeply encrypted and reboot into a deadlock if not used for 8 hours.”

TorrentFreak said the decision of Pirates Bay to transfer their filed to cloud proves to be a smart move because it reduces the site’s downtown for users and the data are far more protected since it is being hosted on several places.

“Moving to the cloud lets TPB move from country to country, crossing borders seamlessly without downtime,” the Pirate Bay told TorrentFreak, according to Cnet. “All the servers don’t even have to be hosted with the same provider, or even on the same continent.”

Pirate Bay has been exerting all effort to fortify them against possible shut down by the authorities, ridding of trackers and removing its torrents in February. It also started to use magnet links and subsequently removing its servers.

“All attempts to attack The Pirate Bay from now on is an attack on everything and nothing,” it said in the blog post. “The site that you’re at will still be here, for as long as we want it to. Only in a higher form of being. A reality to us. A ghost to those who wish to harm us.”

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